Pandemic changes the life of each individual, and social media is getting very popular worldwide. And one way that connects people especially to their loved ones, family, and friends during the pandemic is through virtual platforms. 

Specifically, most teenagers find this year very challenging as everyone is prone to anxieties or boredom due to physical isolation and distancing. Most of them cope by being active on the digital platform. 

With this being said, developers find ways to give out entertainment to android users. And, one of them is the fake text message apps for android. Moreover, fake text messaging is a fun way to not only ease the boredom but also another way of bonding or staying connected to people we cherish.

In addition, the feature of a reliable fake message app is – it does not take so much space, is so easy to use, does not store user data, and most importantly has an excellent GUI.

So, do you want to spook your friends with some excellent fake text messages on android? Trying out these fake text message android apps will only help you win!

List of 9 best Fake Text Message Apps

The following are the top 9 reliable fake text message apps that you could use to counterfeit the conversation entirely:

1. Fake text message 2022

Rating: 11.2K(4.4 stars) Date: 11.06.2022

The app itself is developed with customizable and at the same time reliable features.

  • Just like the usual messaging app, simply create messages along with the icon options
  • Time table is also changeable
  • Take screenshots on the go.
  • Consumable of 2 MB on the android space
  • Various types of messages you can send: SMS or MMS (received or sent)

2. Fake chat conversation

Rating: 204K(4.2 stars) Date: 11.06.2022

 An app perfect for pranking, as it can cover your identity by making up a dummy account.

  • Trouble-free interface
  • Less storage usage
  • Detailed editing
  • One-click chat Screenshot
  • Photos to make it look real
  • Up-to-date features and layouts

3. Fake calls and SMS

Rating: 5.06K(3.6 stars) Date: 11.06.2022

An application that can make false calls and send online SMS to prank your friends or colleagues.

  • Customizable caller information
  • Can program fake calls and messages at a specific schedule
  • Simulate fake caller info such as name, phone number, picture, and ringtone
  • Simulate fake message info such as name, phone number, and message content.
  • Full control in selecting the mailbox to tamper

4. Fakenger pro

Rating: 73(4.3 stars) Date: 11.06.2022

An application wherein you are allowed to easily layout fake chat screens in a more realistic and convincing way to fool friends for fun.

  • Create fake contact
  • Generate fake stories
  • Fabricated Fake groups and fake members
  • Dark mode
  • Generate fake replies to fool anyone in real-time
  • Schedule fake Audio and Video calls
  • Advanced Automatic Reply
  • Added Active now, about, and status option in Contact
  • Bug fixes

5. Memi Message SMS Roleplay Chat

Rating: 23.7K(3 stars) Date: 11.06.2022

An SMS & MMS application in a form of game roleplaying through fanfiction characters. Users can choose any desired character while creating or playing this app.

  • Create fake stories
  • Can choose to delete a specific text message
  • Editable time
  • Editable battery
  • Auto-play text/video
  • Autosave 

6. Fake SMS – fake text message

Rating: 687(3.8 stars) Date: 11.06.2022

An application where you can trick friends or colleagues into receiving, sending, drafting, outboxing, or a failed text message coming from them. An ideal app for peeving friends or family for entertainment. 

  • Allows you to receive or send SMS
  • Uncomplicated interface
  • Takes up 4 MB of phone space
  • Easy to recreate 

7. Fake messenger, Video Call

Rating: 455(4.1 stars) Date: 11.06.2022

Counterfeiting FB messenger app, designed to create chat memes, fake chat anyone, and many more with endless fun. More realistic as per FB messenger is mostly used nationwide.

  • Dark mode support
  • Detailed editing
  • Minimal storage
  • 100% free function
  • Up-to-date features
  • Unlimited stickers

8.WhatsMock Pro (Ad-Free)

Rating: 406(3 stars) Date: 11.06.2022

An application that creates customizable mocks that mimic the text conversation through voice recognition. This is perfect for hands-free android users, and anyone who is lazy enough to type message content.

  • Generate a fake profile
  • Can add dummy status
  • Unlimited emoji 
  • Prank call
  • Can send video to chat
  • Send status video
  • Video, image & audio support

9.WhatsFake – Fake Chat Maker, Prank Text Message

Rating: No reviews yet Date: 11.06.2022

An application that imitates WhatsApp. It creates fake text to WhatsApp, video, audio calls, sending voice, sharing files, and many more realistic features similar to the real app.

  • Fake group chat
  • Prank message
  • User–friendly
  • Create prank audio & video status from friends
  • High-quality graphic
  • Fake chat WhatsApp
  • Seems like a real chat


There are a lot of fake messaging apps for android, and choosing the best app is a crucial decision to make as it should be capable of phone storage capacity.

We tend to choose the best among the rest, knowing we are in an era of high–tech. Numerous developers created apps according to the trends in society. Features are upgrading depending on the smartphones people are using.

As years are counting, enumerable applications for android users are being implemented. With this, users are having difficulties choosing the right one.

Some users take a moment of thorough research which is the main goal of this article – recommendation towards the best app to choose for fake text messages designed for android users in the year 2022.

Try them out – & prank your friends with these best 9 recommended fake text messages for android in 2022.

Just a friendly warning – The only reason for creating these fake SMS apps Is pure entertainment and amusement. Partaking in any wrong deeds using these applications lies completely under your responsibility.