The growth of Spotify has been one of the most wonderful journeys in the music streaming world. Currently boasting more than 70 million paid subscribers, it has cemented its position as the strongest pillar in the music streaming industry. But there is a question that is always in our minds.

How was it possible for Spotify to beat its competitors so easily?

Spotify leveraged artificial intelligence, technology, and continuous innovation to stay on top of human behavior. Human behavior is quite fickle, yet there is a constant pattern that was leveraged to machine learning. Yet it did not completely depend on machine learning to provide user experience; rather, it also gives listeners the flexibility to select their music. 

Even though Spotify follows a freemium model, what really inspires users to still use Spotify is the “no limit” streaming option available. There is no push selling to the listeners. Instead, the focus is more on the user experience, providing comprehensive music listening. 

An audiophile would always want to be updated with respect to the latest music releases. Spotify understood this opportunity and captured it. Based on your music preferences, Spotify creates a weekly playlist of new releases. It is a perfect combination of machine learning & audio engineering to provide a seamless freshness to every music lover. 

Why releasing your track on Spotify is the best decision as an artist?

If you are releasing a new music track, as an artist, Spotify should be the right platform to hit the deck. With more than 400 million Spotify users and 180M+ Premium subscribers, it is the perfect platform to launch your music track. It gives you a perfect base for growing your personal brand when it comes to the music world. If you are looking forward to getting your music recognized quickly, you can buy Spotify monthly listeners and increase exposure. 

As an artist, getting a record deal can be quite difficult. With high competition along with great investment related to it, gaining the ultimate break could take a lifetime. Yet Spotify gives you the option to distribute your music to over 300 million listeners. Artists can also create a strong bonding with their fans through social media channels using Spotify! This is truly sensational when it comes to Spotify, for artists. 

Specific features in Spotify for music lovers

Excellent features like “Uniquely Yours”, “Weekly Discovery” & “Daily Mix” Gives you the perfect blend of music based on your moods. Isn’t it really awesome to have a friend who understands you so well without even saying a word?

Going beyond data is what Spotify is all about. Allowing listeners to create a playlist of their own and share it with their friends so that they can also add in their tracks is truly a sensational way of improving the musical bond between two people. This can not only improve friendship but also plays a great role in cementing relationships between lovers. 

You can avail of Spotify at as low as $4.99/month under the student version. But if you’re not looking forward to grabbing the premium version, the free version gives you unlimited access to music – which is really awesome!  

Stay connected with your friends with music – Spotify is the best rock star!

The “Friend activity” feature under Spotify is probably one of the coolest ones that help you break the ice with your friend. If you haven’t talked with your friend for quite a while and you are looking for something to start a conversation with, this feature is truly cool. You can check out what your friends are listening to and if that’s your favorite disc, just hit them up! On the downside, this feature is only available if you’re using the desktop app.
Beat it an artist or a listener – Spotify has satisfied everyone. Create your all-inclusive free account right now to experience awesome tracks tonight!