Everyone who owns a boat and enjoys boating on one of the many lakes and rivers in the United States, knows boats need to be maintained. A well-maintained boat is safer and will last longer. Also, boats represent a large investment. Properly maintaining a boat will lead to safer, more enjoyable boating adventures. No one wants to be out on the water and have the boat’s motor fail, run out of gas, or develop a leak that causes the boat to take on water. Having a few good tools helps keep the boat in top shape.

Know Your Boat

Every boat owner should know their boat and how to maintain and operate it. Minor repairs can be done by the owner and major problems when discovered can be taken care of by professionals in boat maintenance. Parts of a Boat can be ordered through the boat dealership or dependable boat part distributors. In addition to the boat itself, the boat owner will need a boat cover to protect the boat when it is not in use. They will also need a boat trailer to get the boat to the lake or other waterway.

Boat owners need to familiarize themselves with their boats and all the parts of the boat that may need repair or replacement in the future. Even if a boat owner does not want to do repairs themselves, they still need to know when maintenance or repairs are needed. Check out the boat when it is out of the water on its trailer and when it is in the water before setting off on a boating adventure.

5 Basic Boat Maintenance Tools to Keep on Hand

In addition to a basic safety and first aid kit and a basic tool kit, there are 5 tools every boat owner should invest in.

· A Battery terminal puller is a useful tool that helps a person work on a boat battery without damaging the terminals. This tool uses the perfect amount of pressure to precisely loosen terminal bolts and get the battery maintenance done easily.

· The adjustable stainless steel face spanner wrench is a very handy tool to have on a boat. This great tool makes it easy to work on boat parts such as the fuel fill, sea strainer, water fill, and fuel fill caps. It can access deck plates and help work on outboard motors.

· A sailor’s multitool can do several different jobs. Get a good quality one that has features including a rope cutter, bottle opener, can opener, a small blade, a paint scraper, a hex-nut wrench, and a zipper pull.

· Jumper and booster cables are a must when things go wrong on the water. When a battery dies, it can be used to hook up to a spare battery or to be given a jump from a nearby boat.

· A moisture meter is another important tool to have on the boat. This tool can give digital moisture readings to find leaks in the boat or to isolate areas that may need repair.

Remember boats that are well-maintained last longer and run better. Annual boat maintenance will cost approximately 10% of the price of the boat. It is especially important to maintain the boat engine. Other tools to have include rigging knives, tape, cable ties, pliers, and screwdrivers.

Boat Parts That Need Maintenance

In addition to regularly servicing the boat engine, other boat parts need care. They include the boat hull, the topsides, the plumbing and the electrical. the HVAC, all moving parts, the boat upholstery, and canvass. Giving the boat a thorough inspection can catch any problems while they are small and easy to fix. A boat needs to be regularly washed. At this time, a boat owner can check the hull for damage.