Tattoos have always been a crucial part of many cultures around the world. They are an essential part of rituals and ceremonies in many cultures. Over the years, inking techniques have evolved to a great extent. In the modern world, tattoos have become a significant style statement and source of income for many tattoo artists. That’s why millions of people get inked every day. 

Despite their popularity, many people often get confused about finding the correct placement for their tattoos. They have many options like back, shoulder, calves, chest, forearms, etc. If you want to get tattoos on your forearms, you can easily find the best forearms tattoo designs on sites like They have fantastic design ideas for your forearms. Once you decide on your design, you can determine what body part you want to get your tattoo on. Do not forget to discuss the idea and designs you desire for your forearms with your artist before proceeding. Also, you may take advice from the artist as they are the professionals in this inking field. Therefore here are five valuable tips to help you find the proper placement for your tattoo. 

1. Consider the Size of Your Tattoo Design

Every professional tattoo artist would agree that the tattoo placement majorly depends on its size. A bigger tattoo won’t fit or look good on smaller body parts like fingers, behind the ear, or the side of your ribcage. Likewise, tiny symbolic arts won’t look great on more extensive body parts like the chest, back, or thighs. Therefore you consider the size of your tats while choosing the placement. 

2. Determine How Visible Your Tattoo to Be

People get inked for various reasons. The reasons can be personal, cultural, or social. It’s okay to flaunt your tats as a style statement as well. Therefore you must decide whether you want your tattoo to be visible or hidden. It’s also good to think about how visual you want your design to be. If you’re going to keep your tattoo out of sight, you can choose placements like the side of the rib cage, lower back, cleavage area, or hips. If you want your tattoos to be more visible, you can choose forearms, legs, neck, and behind the ear. 

3. Think about Which Body Part Will Complement Your Tattoo

Your tattoo design has a significant impact on its placement. Somebody’s parts make specific tattoo designs more aesthetically pleasing. For example, single-word tattoos and symbols look very aesthetic on the rib cage, forearms, behind the ear, or the backside of the bicep. On the other hand, bigger complex tats look amazingly good on body parts like thighs, back, or chest.

4. Know Which Body Parts Hurt the Most and Least

Tattoos on different body parts hurt differently. The pain of getting inked also varies according to your age, sex, and capacity to tolerate pain. The most painful body parts are fingers, shins, ribs, and the spine to get body arts. On the contrary, the least painful body parts are the stomach, outer thighs, forearms, and chest.

5. Do You Have Other Tattoos on Your Body?

If you already have a tattoo on your body, you should carefully choose the placement for your next one. It wouldn’t make sense to overcrowd only one part with tattoos. You should consider other body parts apart from where you already have one. That way, you can maintain the aesthetic appeal of your tattoo and give them their individuality.

Getting a tattoo can be exciting and overwhelming as well. Do not rush to get a tattoo. Take your time to choose the proper placement to be happy and satisfied with your new body art.