There is no better teacher than mother nature, and when it comes in its full force, it’s a learning for a lifetime. There have been pandemics before too. But, this pandemic has something special to it. 

Bringing the entire lifeline to a halt, COVID19 has proven to be the scariest nightmare of the 21st century. 

Such remarkable incidents don’t happen every year, wherein the entire world, divided by political boundaries is united by fear, death, and suffering. Moreover, the pandemic has been the driver in creating a common goal that even the major international bodies of peace failed to. 

This article explores the profound lessons that COVID19 has taught to the entire world. Understanding the medium-term impacts of these changes is pivotal to the growth of the economy. 

Lessons which you just can’t miss from the pandemic:

1. Appreciating the food chain:

It is important to appreciate and understand the food chain as presented by nature. With the growing globalization, the interconnections have increased, thus the potential chances of the spread of a virus.

Hence, we must understand that the specific position in the food chain is important in protecting our immunity. Else, it will be a matter of time, when few more of such pandemics will wipe away the entire civilization.

Knowing that not everything that is presently lower than us in the food chain is for our consumption is important. Moreover, the way of consuming food is also a matter of concern.

Though many countries might not appreciate it, high heat and temperature efficiently reduce the chances of any virus infestation in the food. This is an important takeaway from this pandemic. 

2. Work from home is not that bad:

Yes, we have never understood the importance of trying out WFH previously. Except for the big 4s, not many organizations invested in the WFH strategy previously.

But, with the pandemic, we have realized that we really don’t need to go to the office for our work. We can get the work done from within our homes too and save a lot of commute time.

This was an excellent achievement. 

3. Online classes are not far away:

Another leap of faith that we made in 2020 is the online classes. This year can be marked as the year of revolution in terms of the technical world.

The paradigm shift both in the domain of education and workforce with the help of technology has been a boon of this pandemic. If not anything, online classes are here to stay for a longer time.  

4. Relation between immunity and physical exercise:

It is important to appreciate the relation between physical exercise and immunity. With the spread of the blood circulation to the entire body, it gets important to note that the anti-bodies spread across the entire body. This in turn builds the defense mechanism of the body.

Moreover, the blood circulation to the heart and the vital organs also improve functioning. This is the reason why people who exercised had a better chance of escaping the COVID19 pandemic. 

5. Sanitization and hand wash:

Sanitization wasn’t an important part of our life until this pandemic. COVID19 has taught us that sanitization can help you in weeding off the virus, as well as maintaining proper hygiene. It is one of the major learnings that we can inculcate in our daily life.

With the expected growth of the sanitizer market at a CAGR of 22.6% from 2020 to 2027; the market share of the sanitizer industry is expected to grow at a rapid pace.

With the survey showing close to 75% showing a preference to using hand sanitizers, it is thus important to embrace this change in daily life.

6. Social life is really not necessary:

If there were a zombie apocalypse, the chance of survival of an introvert is close to 5 times that of an extrovert!


Because an introvert can stay in his home for centuries, alone, without worrying about picnic places and movie halls!

COVID19 has taught us that places like malls, movie halls, and yearly foreign tours are not necessary for survival. Instead, we can also survive by being in our homes, saving money, and doing great; without a worry!

7. Adapting the digital payment:

The growth of digital payment has been very steep in recent years. With many schemes being rolled out to promote it, the pandemic has also initiated a new reason for digital payments.

Sectors like OTT, e-commerce, grocery have seen an uptick in digital payments; whereas travel and tourism, and remittances have suffered. Concerns about the physical transmission of the notes have resulted in the growth of digital payments in the retail sector too. Cards and wallets have been the most preferred mode for digital payments. 

Bottom line:

Not everything about the pandemic is bad. If taken proper care of, this learning can have major medium time too long term implications, which can revolutionize the global business.