It shouldn’t weigh on folks to reach their elderly ages. Senior living should be a time of proud achievement where you are able to sit back and reflect on the lessons life has given after doing the duties of the day.

Old age often calls for the help and support of others in all aspects of life. This can become a little disheartening, seeing as you’ve made it this far! Luckily, there are a wide array of products for seniors living at home.

Useful Products for Seniors Living at Home

Incorporating tools, tips, and independence building products can make the golden years some of the best.

Whether you are looking for some freedom in your retirement, or eager to give some life back to old folks you know, here are eight great products for seniors living at home.

1. A Great Big Calendar

Medicine needs to be taken at just the right time. Dates and appointments must be met. The car needs an oil change every so often to keep it running well.

All the important tasks people need to remember can start to slip away unknowingly to a senior living on their own. 

A calendar is something everyone should own but is very important for the elderly as forgetfulness can pick up in these years.

A calendar and pen to mark off the tasks of the day, and even the days themselves can proactively help folks catch and be aware of the potential for dementia and Alzheimer’s.

A large calendar with big font also helps those whose vision has been spent in the early years. It also gives the ability to just look from across the room! Even as lives slow down, there are still things that need to be noted.

A big bold calendar is sure to help out any elder living alone at home.

2. A Proper Pendant

We’ve all seen the commercials about old folks who have ‘fallen and they can’t get up’. While some would like to think it wouldn’t happen to them, or they could manage to call from a cell phone if they did fall, that’s just not the case.

Pendants, like the Life Alert, aren’t just for falls. Old age brings with it a wave of dangers that can appear when you least expect them.

Heart attack, stroke, falls, and even on-set dementia require imidate attention for life sustainability, or to prevent further complications.

In complicated moments such as these, a cell phone may be far too much to operate to reach emergency services or be out of reach altogether. 

A necklace mounted button that’s ready all the time is the answer to complications such as these. With the press of the button, you can receive the emergency care needed.

In fact, it’s so easy to use, it may be able to be rang before the damage is being done. 

Many folks know what the onset of a heart attack feels like. When the difference of seconds can be a matter of life and death, a quick press of a button can be life-saving.

3. Remote Start Ignition

Now, this feature may already be installed on an elders vehicle should they have bought a newer car with this package. However, most cars on the road today do not have remote starting. 

This isn’t just a cool factor. Remote starting a vehicle allows it to warm the engine and parts to ensure the best operation of the vehicle, promoting the longevity and reliability of the car. 

Remote starting also allows the car to get warm on the inside, so getting in is pleasurable for older potentially achy joints. But there is another reason why remote starting is great for the elderly.

In winter climates, ice and frost accumulate on the windshield. This creates impaired vision if not scrapped off. Well, that can be a pain, and dangerous should the ground be icy as well.

Remotely starting and warming the car lets the frost melt so scraping doesn’t become mandatory. A safe driving experience is crucial for elderly folks.

There are many systems that easily can remotely start any vehicle and tons of shops across the nation that do the installations.

4. Electric Tools

We live in a world packed with electricity. It’s applied sea to sea. Our advancements have made nearly everything able to be used with the power of electricity.

Electric tools have only gotten better over the years. In fact, it is now a better option than many of the pneumatic and gas systems so previously relied on.

Older folks tend to stick to what they know, but gas motos can be a pain to pull start, and air compressors are heavy to move.

You can’t stop the will power of some in their golden years, but you sure can give them the right tools to help. Plug in a battery pack and drill away. Today’s hand-held electric power tools are lighter than ever and 100% mobile.

Perfect for the traditional DIY elderly soul.

5. Non-Slip Flooring

Falls are the enemy. We must take all action against the risk of elderly falls. Hips are fragile, tendons are tender, and the ground can be a slick and slanted mess.

Outdoors, grip-tape is a great solution to stick and staple to wooden steps. This industrial grade product is used to prevent slips and falls on wet metal machinery and are up to code. Trust your feet to industrial grip tape and compare your traction on ramps, stairs, and smooth garage like surfaces.

The bath and shower are other places where the enemy resides. Slip-resistant bath mats and tub liners can literally be the difference between life and death. Take simple steps to prevent unnecessary falls!

6. Hand Rails

This product can be another easy install that works in conjunction with the previous product. 

Handrails give a nice firm hold that lets folks hold tight to their independence. Tubs, toilets, and bedsides can all benefit homebound elders.

7. Flashlights and Lanterns

Not just a necessity for old folks; lanterns and lights make for safe workspaces and can be the only thing that lets someone who may already have a hard time seeing in the dark safely navigate their home.

Power outages happen, and the weather can put up a fight. Any elder home-bound needs a light in a dark time.

Easy to use, large button flashlights in convenient spots like the bedside, bathroom and garage entrance make for a stress-free time when the dark can pose serious dangers.

8. Counter-Top Toaster Oven & Fryer

Bending down for the oven can be just too much for some that suffer from back pains and other medical conditions. Not to mention the lack of dexterity that can come with this movement, creating a higher risk of serious burn and injury.

Old folks need to move and walk to stay healthy. Doing so while cooking at the convenient countertop height is just the cure.

Air fryers, convection ovens, and toaster ovens can replace the large, bulky, and potentially dangerous traditional ground bound oven found in most homes. 

Make reaches easy and convenient without bending and burning. 

Healthy and Safe in the Golden Years

Retirement doesn’t mean work stops in life. Products for seniors living at home make for a great life long into the elderly age. There are many tools and tips out there to keep you and yours happy, healthy, and independent for years to come. Head over to our blog to keep up to date on all the latest breakthroughs, tips, and tech for young and old alike! Head over to Medical & Aged Care Group if you’d like to know more about aged care services.

Keep your self and yours safe and healthy all from the comfort of home. Independence is a beautiful freedom, keep it secure!