The building industry is a tough game and a career path that can have its ups and downs. Working in all conditions and building a positive reputation through years of hard graft takes time and a lot of honest toil. The rewards are good, but those involved in completing a construction job deserve them fully.

Sub-contactors and tradies need all the backing that they can get while involved in any project so finding the right contractors to work under is imperative. They can receive peace of mind when securing work with those that take out the best owner builder insurance to cover everyone under them.

  • When a firm needs insurance, then it’s a smart move to purchase it through HIA, an association that has represented the building history in Australia for over 75 years. They care passionately about what they represent with members requiring them to maintain high standards. They protect those involved properly because they understand the business inside out.
  • Those involved in the industry are faced with great challenges and risks, so having insurance that covers against loss or damage to a build, which also provides protection for legal and contractual obligations regarding contracted works, eases stress and provides security. The comprehensive cover is available at a competitive price, which offers added assistance. It might be a way of overcoming anxiety while understanding how it can affect someone’s life.
  • The policies have been formulated after listening to those who are involved in the industry and are available online. Any boss will be delighted that if a sub-contractor messes up and is negligent, then they will be covered, even though they are liable for it when taking out the Gold Cover. They can also claim for any legal fees accrued through having to pay legal fees, settlements, and court costs.
  • The Gold Cover also provides cover for when the value of the contracted works increases during the project, along with mitigation costs which prevent covered damage to insured property. The policy is available for owner-builder annual and single projects. 
  • Perhaps the Platinum Cover might be the preferred option, which protects against damage to show homes where work is showcased to attract further contracts. It also ensures that no further cover is required for extensions on top of the insured contracted works.
  • Having cover available to discover what is not working quickly is invaluable and is provided by being able to search and locate any causes of damage or defects without any financial penalty. Firms with the policy will not be out of pocket either when they need to repair any work. It might allow for a relaxing visit to a local market.
  • There are flexible options available so that the right coverage can be bought to suit budgets and needs, while the insurance covers legal compliance required in some states.

Having financial protection against unexpected events is one of the most sensible investments any business in the building industry can make, especially from an association which cares and understands.