We live in a world where social media is quickly becoming an indispensable part of our lives. Most people today are connected online and they prefer to stay in touch and communicate on social media. Also, many people prefer to read information and updates on social media and many believe that reading books is a better option than social media. If you are browsing the internet you will find many sites that mention that reading books offer more benefits than social media. They say that reading books is better than scrolling through an endless feed on your social media platform. 

However, let’s dive further and see if social media is all as bad as these websites claim.

Variety of Topics

A lot of websites claim that reading books can provide you with plenty of knowledge because of the variety of topics you can read about. You can find books that are fictional, non-fictional, autobiographies, self-help books and many other topics. Similarly, social media is a great tool to start reading because you are not stuck to that one specific book or topic. You can scroll through topics and find relevant topics and groups that interest you. 

Quality Content

When it comes to quality content, there is no doubt that books can provide you with more quality content on a specific topic or genre. On the other hand, when it comes to social media you would have to scroll through plenty of feeds before you come across groups and people that provide relevant and quality information. 

Power of Storytelling

If you are looking for a great storytelling experience, books should be your choice over social media. This is because books offer you an immersive storytelling experience which is hard to find on any social media platform. You often get connected with various characters in the story although they are usually fictional.  

Real-Time Insights

While books can provide you with the best storytelling experience and some memorable characters, they don’t offer real-time insights that you can get on social media. Social media is a world buzzing with activity and here you can find people commenting on various topics and posts offering real-time insights, updates and information that is hard to find in a book.

Improve Vocabulary

There are many ways to improve your vocabulary and reading books is one of them. Most people would recommend reading a book to build your vocabulary. However, finding new words isn’t just exclusive to books. You can find new words on a company flyer, some advertisement hoarding or in a fine dining restaurant menu.

Sense of Companionship

You can carry along your books on a flight and it can instantly allow you to immerse yourself in the content. While social media does offer some level of companionship it certainly differs from one person to another. If you are a part of a group you can talk to people on social media and stay connected and updated. 

Hence, both books and social media have certain similarities and differences which readers can explore to optimize their time and effort.