Are you a cat owner and thinking of taking a vacation? Looking for a cat-friendly city for you and your feline?

Many destinations in the U.S. boast to be cat-friendly cities. Many places are home to nice weather for your kitty and offer benefits for cat owners.

Some of these cities offer affordable veterinary care than others and are great for cat owners. 

In this post, you’ll learn about 10 cat friendly cities, why cat owners love them and what they have to offer.

Here are the best cat-friendly cities for you and your feline to enjoy while you travel. 

Best Cat-Friendly Cities in America for Traveling

These cities provide a nice vacation destination for cat lovers. Here is the list of the best cat-friendly cities in America.

1. New York

New Yorkers love cats. Strolling along the streets it’s easy to spot a resident cat in neighborhood stores and shops. There’s even a book written about shop cats.

Walk into a grocery store and you’ll be greeted by a shop cat as it paws its way through the aisles and rubs its fur against shoppers in search of love and affection. Or it looks at passersby with an aloof stare.

If you visit the Algonquin Hotel, you might meet Hamlet. He’s the resident hotel cat living at the oldest operating hotel in the city.

The hotel that has been in business since the 1920s has been home to a resident cat since it opened. It offers the Matilda Accommodation Package. In it, guests can receive gifts including a plush Matilda cat toy.

Cat Cocktail and Cat Fashion Shows

In the mood for a cocktail? If you’re staying at the Algonquin when you’re in town, order the hotel’s most popular drink, the Matilda cocktail.  This drink is in memory of a  beloved cat with a playful personality who lived at the hotel for years. 

Matilda was replaced with Hamlet, a playful orange tabby who you’ll be likely to meet if you book a room at the hotel.

Guests visiting in August can enjoy a cat fashion show on the first Wednesday of the month. It’s touted to be the most famous catwalk in America.

The charity Mayor’s Alliance for New York City’s Animals donates the proceeds to rescue shelters.

2. San Diego

San Deigo is the perfect city for a feline. With year-round warm weather and coastal beauty, what isn’t there for you and your cat to like in the “Plymouth of the West?”

Your furry friend will take in the sun on the porch, sit in the window for a verdant view or lounge on a balcony for a bird’s-eye view of the beach. If your accommodations have an enclosed backyard, your cat can run around if you like.

San Diego is home to the world’s first cat nursery and the neonatal clinic. It’s situated at the San Diego Humane Society. This facility has saved the lives of 10,000 abandoned and orphan felines. 

What makes San Diego one of the best cat-friendly cities is The Humane Society also maintains a pet-assisted therapy program. 

They take cats to visit convalescent homes, children’s hospitals and medical facilities so patients and residents can get a little furry love.

3. Las Vegas

Vegas is one of the greatest cat-friendly cities with affordable veterinarian care if your cat gets sick. But if your cat develops cat explosive diarrhea, you can have the remedy delivered anywhere in the country.

Because the cost of living is lower than many other U.S. cities, the price of cat food and litter doesn’t cost that much in Las Vegas.

Just keep your kitty cool in the summer or high temperatures because it can get hot in the desert.

4. Los Angeles

Cat-friendly laws make the City of Angels a nice place to bring your cat. Several rescues and animal organizations work tirelessly to help kittens and cats. That’s one of the reasons people bring up their felines here.

It’s not unusual to see large green properties with cats playing on the lawn and looking out of windows at the many species of birds Los Angeles is home to.

One of the cat events that people around the nation frequent is CatCon, an event that honors everything feline. Dress up your cat and meet other cat owners. It’s like a cat pilgrimage!

While you’re in L.A. take your cat to the Pussy and Pooch, an exclusive pet boutique.

You can find the boutiques in Beverly Hills, downtown LA and Long Beach. There’s even a restaurant named Pawbar that serves cats a host of treats they love.

5. Key West

Visiting Key West? Then you have to head to the Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum. The famed novelist is home to 45 felines and is opened all year long.

Cats on the property all trace their heritage back to one cat who had six toes who was a gift to Hemingway from a ship captain? Half of the cats are polydactyls having the DNA of an extra toe.

6. Shoreline, Washington

Head out to Shoreline in Washington State for the Average Joe Cat Show. It’s put on by a no-kill shelter called Purrfect Pals. It’s a big family event that kids and cats love, well, most cats do.

Cats compete in funny show categories such as the ‘loudest purr’ and ‘most impressive ear hair’. There’s a photo competition that’s the bomb with contests such as ‘the grumpiest looking cat’ among others.

If you’re looking to adopt a playmate for your cat, visit among 10 shelters and rescue organizations in Puget Sound.

You’ll see food trucks serving an array of cat gourmet delights, a fair for cat lovers and an auction where proceeds go to cat rescue needs.

7. San Francisco

Another of the best cat-friendly cities is San Francisco. This eclectic city doesn’t cost much in cat care, believe it or not.

That draws many cat owners to the Golden Gate City. You’ll see cats in windows and neighborhood shops in this diverse city everywhere.

It’s believed that San Francisco has more cats than any other city in America, but New Yorkers argue that remains to be proven.

You can’t argue San Fran has nicer weather, but you might want to put a sweater on your furry friend because the evenings can get cool over the bay.

8. Miami

The cost of having a cat in Miami is relatively low. And what cat wouldn’t love taking advantage of watching Florida’s diverse species of bird populations?

Between palm trees and wildlife, you’re kitty will always have a scene to watch and keep him occupied. Veterinarian costs are pretty low compared to the larger cities.

All in all, Miami serves as a beautiful destination for you and your feline traveler.

9. Tampa

Tampa, Florida claims to be one of the greatest cat-friendly cities. The reasons? The city has a low cost for pet owners.  

Tampa has cat-friendly laws and vet care are reasonable in comparison to other cities. And with year-round sunshine, you can’t beat the weather.

10. Portland

Portland made our list. It’s a beautiful state and super cat-friendly during the fall, spring and summer seasons.

But I wouldn’t travel with your cat there come winter unless it’s absolutely necessary. Low-cost veterinary services and a cheap cost of living for cat lovers make it a great place when you’re traveling with cats.

Final Thoughts on the Best Cat Friendly Cities

Now you know ten cat friendly cities. While each city claims to be the best cat city, you’ll have to see for yourself when you visit.

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