Connectpal is a content marketplace where anybody can create an account and earn money from it.

It is quite similar like other social platforms but main difference is only premium subscriber will be able to access your contents.

Not only bloggers different passions people like song writer, motivated speaker, fitness adviser, health professionals have the same opportunity to earn money from this platform.

If you think that you are expert on some things like art works, blogging, writing story and wish to share it with your audience then it’s time to sign up and create an account on connectpal.

How to create a profile on connectpal?

1.Open their official website

2.Scrawl down and click on “I want to create my own profile to start getting subscribers”

Create a profile on Connectpal

3.After clicking this button you will be redirect to a sign up form.

Sign up form on connectpal

4.provide all the credential and click on continue to profile button. Then you will be redirected to step I .From where you can check any sample profile and there pricing breakdown chat.

Sample profile on connectpal

Pricing Breakdown:

Pricing breakdown chat

If you want $1-$4 /month from your subscriber then your subscriber need to pay an extra $0.99 as connectpal service fee.

For $5-$15 service fee is $1.99.

And $16 or above fee is 15% of subscription price.

You have to make minimum of $200 to receive a payout.

5.In step 2 You have to set username, Profile type and subscription price.

Sign up step 2

6.Now your profile is ready to use and you can access your profile.

Connectpal Profile Dashboard

Set a profile picture and cover photo relevant to your work. You may add a welcome video for your subscriber.

Don’t forget to add the subscriber benefits section because these points will be highlighted below your username. When someone found your service then they can read and understand their benefits before subscribe.

From your profile page you can update your current status, add audio, video, photo and documents.

How to promote your profile?

Nowadays the best option for promoting is social media it may be a product or your profile. You can share some of your sample work on Facebook, Instagram and include your connectpal profile link as caption or in description. If someone is interested on your sample work then he/she will visit and subscribe your connectpal profile for more information.

Some information for new profile owner:

  • You can activate away mode anytime. In this period your subscriber will not be charged.
  • Multiple owner account creation is possible.
  • As well as a profile owner you can be a subscriber to others account.

So don’t wait, lets create your first account and get subscriber.

How to subscribe and access any profile?


If you want to subscribe and access someone’s page you need to click “I want to search other profiles and subscribe to someone else” button on home page.

You can search by profile name or category .You can see the benefits pointed on the profile page.

Some Information for new subscribers:

  • You can unsubscribe account any time.
  • Connectpal does not allow any trial package before subscription. But if the profile owner has any welcome video about the service then you can get a clear idea about the service.
  • You can subscribe multiple profiles at a time.