There are many types of compliance training videos that can help you and your employees to learn all about compliance. They can go over all types of things that you need to be in compliance with. They can help your business and employees know what the rules and regulations are and how to follow them correctly so that you can be safe, and your employees and customers can also be safe.

            There are many companies that can provide you with these types of videos. These companies can provide you with a list of compliance training videos that can help you to stay in compliance. These companies make their own videos and provide you with premade videos.

            The following is a list of compliance videos and a brief synopsis of what they are about. You can use these videos to begin the training of your employees before you bring in trainers to finish the training.

What Is Compliance Training?

This video is just a short video, just a little longer than four minutes and it explains what compliance training is and when and why it began. It gives a little bit of history of compliance training and why we need to have it. This video gives a brief overview of compliance training and why it is important.

What is Compliance and Why is it Important?

This video is just about two and a half minutes long and explains why compliance is important to the company, the employees, the customers, and others that are important to your business. It gives some of the things that you must be compliant with and how to do it. It also discusses some of the repercussions that may happen if you do not comply with the rules and regulations. To find out why compliance is important to your company, you can go to this website. It tells you the information that you need to know.

Compliance Babies

Another short video that lasts about a minute and a half and uses comedy with babies to explain why compliance is important to you and your company. These babies explain the need for compliance training and tell a little about some of the consequences for compliance training and the lack of it.

Compliance: The Musical

This brief video that lasts just over a minute has a prisoner singing the virtues of being compliant and hilariously shows what can happen when you do not follow the rules and regulations. The video makes a point but does it in a fun way and keeps the viewer entertained.

Compliance Training Video 1

This is a four-minute video that has two nurses talking in a diner about a paper that they need to send to a doctor. While sitting and talking, they are giving information about patients that they are writing about. They are also sharing the information on a shared network and passing the information through an email that is not confidential. Basically, they are doing everything that they should not be doing if they wanted to stay in compliance with their regulations.

Understanding Compliance Training: What’s Your Role?

This is another four-minute video that explains the importance of compliance and compliance training. It tells some of the repercussions of non-compliance and shows people who are not in compliance with the regulations and those who are and the consequences of each.

The Six Phases of Compliance

This is a longer video that is about ten minutes and goes through the six phases of being in compliance with your regulations. It goes step by step through each phase and explains why each phase is important to your company. It goes through all that you need to do to have a successful compliance training and why it will help you out as a business.

Compliance explained

This is a three-minute video that introduces a problem that an employee might have that might be against the compliance requirements of their business. It goes on to explain why it was wrong and why it was important for him to avoid the problem. It also goes briefly into why it is wrong and what some of the consequences of failing to comply with regulations might be for you and your company.

You need to do your own research to find out why compliance is so important to you and your business. You can go to this website that can help you with that issue:  It will tell you why you need to have a compliant business.

What is HIPAA Compliance?

This is a brief video that introduces the HIPAA laws and why you must comply with them. This video shows what HIPAA is and why it is important to be compliant with it. HIPAA is for health care providers or anyone that deals with health care, such as insurance providers and others that deal with medical information.

These are just a few of the videos that are a good way to start your compliance training. They are very brief videos and can help you to introduce the subject and why it is important to you and your company, and to the employees themselves. You can choose to use a humorous video or a more serious one to set the tone.