To promote your rental company and for greater recognition, it is important to use all means. Not only advertising on banners in the city, but also on the Internet, a goldmine. However, a simple advertisement in the form of “Don’t miss it! Only in our showroom: Rolls Royce car rental Dubai. You’ll be satisfied!” will not be enough. It is important to correctly set up advertising so that it is of interest to potential customers.

Contextual advertising is a type of Internet advertising that corresponds to an advertising message depending on the subject of the site on which it is displayed. This means that, for example, advertisements for women’s clothing will be displayed on clothing advice pages. Thus, adapted advertising, to the content of the sites viewed by the user, is aimed at increasing the effectiveness of marketing activities by attracting people who are currently interested in this topic. It is one of the most popular forms of online advertising today, and it reaches the intended recipients very accurately.

Types of contextual advertising

Contextual advertising can be divided into two types by placement platforms:

  • search engines – like Google;
  • Search networks – sites that allow you to place ads.

Goals and objectives of the project

In the process of analyzing the situation (site traffic, the number of new users, visitors of which countries visit the site), it is possible to accurately form the goal.

The task of contextual advertising is not only to supplement the tasks of search engine promotion (SEO), as is usually the case, but also the overall increase in the number of site visitors due to the campaign. The most important task is not just to fill the site with visitors, but also to improve the quality of these visitors and exclude random ones.

First, you need to figure out who needs a car rental service. Here the main provider of the information is the client. A caring, talented and successful businessman who cares about his business. The main thing that can be said about the target audience of such a service is that it includes people from 18 to infinity who have a driver’s license and need to rent a car for hours or days.

However, many questions remain. How will a person who needs a rental car look for a service, and most importantly where? How to distribute the budget between search engines and guess where the spending will be more? Are these people only from your country or foreign guests of the city?

Targeting and other settings

After analyzing your site, you will understand who comes to it. Suppose that these are not only residents of your country, but also guests from foreign countries. 

Therefore, when setting up contextual advertising, it is worth making a campaign for foreign visitors to the city.

You should enter the most common key phrases, and separate ads for each word, taking into account the language, country, and browser.

When 90% of the work is done, there is still 90% left

This is not a stipulation.

The campaign has been launched, but there is still a lot of technical work to be done. With a huge number of changes and improvements in key phrases and ad texts, you need to constantly monitor their effectiveness, analyze and check. All of this increases the objective indicators of the quality of the campaign every month and justified the expectations.


The main result will be an increase in overall site traffic by more than three times.

The bounce rate will decrease by half – that is, simultaneously with the increase in attendance, we improve the quality of visitors – among them the share of potential customers is higher.

The average time spent on the site and the number of pages viewed will also grow by about three times.