So was it 2020 when you last guessed your bra size, which was inaccurate at the lingerie section of a mall, and have been sticking to that size? If a bra ever felt loose or tight, you purchased a size less or more. That’s the story of most women.

Most fail to realize that the human body is susceptible to change. And since women have hormonal changes as they mature, there is a chance of gaining weight or body structure changes.

There has been a lot of research that suggests most women wear the wrong-sized bra all their lives and don’t even know about it. Some of the obvious side effects of this include discomfort, back pain, soreness in the breast region, and red strap marks that can often bruise the skin.

Therefore, before you head to the lingerie store, it is necessary to measure yourself first and know your correct size. You could probably be doing it correctly the first time, but you aren’t the only one, and it’s never too late. In this article, we will share pointers that will guide you on how to know your correct bra size.

Measure the Band Size

The bra band should be directly beneath your breasts. Based on the style you wear and buy, the band thickness is going to vary. It also depends on the rows of hooks that the bra has on its strap.

So, you have to get a measuring tape and circle it around your rib cage, mostly in the top region. It should ideally be where the bra rests. After that, pull it tightly, make sure it’s not very tight and you aren’t uncomfortable. Once you do that, note down the measurement in inches, as we will get back to this soon.

Add Another Number to the Bra Size

Now let’s get on to the calculation bit. The number you noted down from the measuring tape, add another number to that. If your measurement was an even number, you should add a plus 4 to it. In case it’s an odd number, you need to add a plus 5 to that. It means if you measure 30; you have to make it 30 + 4, which is 34. That is going to be your band size.

Measure Your Cup Size

Not many women go this far to measure their bra size. Most stick to the first step and think that it is good to go. Measuring the cup size is necessary so that a loose or tight cup size doesn’t affect your breast structure adversely. Some women develop malign cysts or lumps on their breasts because they didn’t get the cup size correct.

So how do we go about it? You should take the measuring tape and wrap it around the part of your chest that is fullest. After that, note the measurement you get and make it the nearest whole number possible. Like the previous bra fitting measurements, we are sticking to inches all the way.

Subtract the Band Size from the Bust Size

Never thought that measuring your bra size could involve such a huge number of calculations, did you? But it’s all necessary so that you wear a comfortable, well-fitting bra that doesn’t lead to any breast issues later.

You have to subtract the calculated band size from the bust measurement that you took right now. Let’s explain this with an example. For instance, assume that your cup size is 37 inches. Here, the difference in inches is equivalent to the alphabet letter, which will let you know your cup size.

That means you have to subtract 34 inches from your bust size of 37 inches, which leaves you with 3 inches. Take the number 3 and check the alphabet order, and you will get C. That means your accurate bra size is 34C.

The Way Bra Sizes Work

You must note here that the band size and the cup size will change. The reason for this is that the cup volume automatically adjusts with the band size. That means a woman who wears a 36C, and another who wears a 30C size bra can have a similar cup size, but they will have different bust sizes. It is necessary to measure your bra size once every year to make sure you are wearing the correct size.

Evelyn & Bobbie state that even though women need to take off their bras, they shouldn’t be waiting to do that. If you have to wait to do that, chances are you are wearing an incorrect size. Hence, it’s never too late to test your bra size and know the correct size so that you are comfortable with it.

In case you have gained weight or lost ample pounds because of lifestyle changes, exercise, or any ailment, you need to measure yourself. It will prevent you from wearing a too-tight or loose bra that can make you feel uncomfortable.

In conclusion, not many women give so much thought and time to measure their bra size. Ideally, every woman should consider that their body changes over time, and an ill-fitting bra can lead to anything from discomfort to diseases. If you feel you haven’t measured your bra size correctly, use the pointers discussed above to get the correct bra size.