True to their branding, the Master of Complications, Franck Muller is a Swiss luxury watch brand that is home to some of the most genius complications and intricate watch movements. With their iconic design and shape, watches from this brand are eye-catching and make for a wonderful and rather exquisite style statement.

However, all these qualities that make Franck Muller watch exceptional also make them a target for counterfeiters. Of course, as a consumer who has developed a fine taste for all thing’s luxury, you’ll want the best deal, but also the confidence that what you’re investing in is authentic.

The Qualities of Franck Muller Watches

Established in 1991, the Geneva-based luxury watch brand is known to have introduced the firsts in the history of tourbillon-making. The first inverted, the first triple-axis (Revolution 3), and even the smallest (Lady Tourbillon) and largest tourbillons (Giga Tourbillon) ever made for a wristwatch.

Arguably the most famous Franck Muller watch is the Crazy Hours complication, which features randomly placed numerals. Although it seems to make no sense, this quirky feature is actually what makes it so appealing. Today, this model could fetch as much as $20,000-$40,000—and this is merely a rough estimate. Besides Crazy Hours, the brand also introduced the Aeternitas Mega, a timepiece that boasts 36 complications and 1,483 components, to name a few.

If these timepieces aren’t any indication, the key selling point of Franck Muller watches is that they are record-setting in their own right. They are revolutionary in style, avant-garde in design and complicated in terms of mechanisms. The average is not the term for a Franck Muller watch, and it’s a legacy that it maintains to this day.

Continue reading for the tell-tale signs of a fake Frank Muller watch.

Fake vs. Authentic Franck Muller Watch: How to Tell the Difference

Spelling Errors.

 Counterfeits are becoming more and more sophisticated these days. But, while it’s the case, there are still some blunders you can spot, such as spelling errors—extra or missing letters, etc. This much is true for counterfeit products produced in foreign countries.

Glue Residue.

 Fake watches usually use glue to hold their components together, but not Franck Muller watches do not. Look for any glue residue and smudges, particularly around the case, crown, and dial. As Franck Muller watches value quality to perfection, signs of mishandling like these are a sign of a fake.


 Swiss watches usually have some form of engravings or signatures on their movement. Otherwise, the wristwatch is probably a cheap fake.


 Counterfeiters often use cheap materials to cut costs. As a result, their products tend to feel lighter than the original, and rougher, too. Hand-finishing is something that just can’t be replicated by a machine. It’s why counterfeits will often feel sharp on the edges—an indication that they’re not properly hand-finished.

Too-Good-To-Be-True Prices.

Whatever luxury watch you are buying, you must do your research about the item, particularly its price. If you find one that’s selling for an unbelievable price, then it’s likely a fake watch. It illustrates the importance of buying only from accredited distributors.

Today, it is estimated that over 40 million counterfeit watches are sold worldwide every year, with the black market raking in roughly $1 billion. Fake watches are being done more accurately than ever, and if you’re not careful, you could find yourself falling into the trap.

Whenever you plan on making a large purchase, always do your assignment—research the product as well as the seller you’re looking to buy from. It is particularly important if you’re buying online: as your chances of scoring the best deal increase, so do your chances of buying a fake. Review seller details and check out customer reviews. If you can’t find any reviews at all, you may want to think twice about purchasing from that site.

As it becomes harder to spot a fake, the best way to be certain that your watch is the real deal is to ask a reliable watch expert. Some replica watches can pass these tests, but not the careful inspection of a professional.


Don’t ever feel rushed into buying a luxury watch. It is something you wouldn’t want to do without doing your due diligence. We can’t stress enough that when it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Sure, there are good deals out there—you might stumble upon a site that offers luxury watches at competitive rates or walk into a store that offers valuable watches at the fraction of their price, but as always, buyer beware!

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