Do you know that food tourism is one of the most grossing industries in New Zealand? In 2018, 3.82 million tourists visited New Zealand. Most of them came to sample different types of food found in the country.

You may not think of New Zealand cuisine as gourmet. But, many revelers from around the globe visit the country to taste their food.

These ten shows just how impressive New Zealand food can be.

1. Maori Hangi New Zealand Cuisine

You should try this out when you visit New Zealand. It’s a local favorite, and many visitors also love it. Besides, New Zealanders have been preparing the Maori hangi for thousands of years.

So, the cuisine has a long history with New Zealand. They make it by mixing vegetables and meat then placing it in an underground oven. They don’t include artificial additives in the final mix.

Connect with the Maori culture by enjoying this famous New Zealand cuisine.

2. Kina

New Zealanders love seafood. You shouldn’t leave the country before trying out this New Zealand cuisine.

Kina is the local name of a spiky sea urchin. It has a hard shell with a thin flesh inside. Most backpacker resorts offer Kina hunting boating trips.

The local chefs will cook this delicacy to your satisfaction. Besides, they serve it with your favorite accompaniment. Don’t forget to try this out next time you’re in New Zealand.

3. Jaffas

You can get this New Zealand confectionery at any food store within the country. Every year New Zealanders host a Jaffa Race in Dunedin. The widely contested competition brings together participants from all over the country.

The jaffas are made from chocolate balls. The manufacturers coat the balls with an orange flavor. After which the dry sugarcoated balls are ready for use.

You can find the jaffas at any local retail or wholesale shop at an affordable price. So, as you about your New Zealand tour, buy these jaffas for a refreshing moment.

4. Manuka Honey

This is pure honey without any foreign additives. New Zealand traders export it other parts of the globe. It is famous for treating various ailments.

However, it is a scarce commodity that you can only find from certified dealers. The price varies but the purer the honey, the more expensive it is.

Therefore, ensure that you get this New Zealand cuisine before you leave the country. Ask around for reputable dealers. New Zealanders are hospitable and will be more than willing to help you.

5. New Zealand Kumara

Kumara is the local name for sweet potato. However, it is not just an ordinary sweet potato. It is the favorite vegetable in New Zealand.

Kumara was brought into the country by Maori settlers. When they moved into the country, New Zealanders were more inclined towards Irish potatoes.

Most New Zealand dinners venues usually serve it with the Maori Hangi. So, taste the Kumara to know why it’s New Zealanders favorite vegetable. You won’t be disappointed!

6. Paua

This is yet another New Zealand seafood delicacy. Paua is a large sea snail which has a large shell. Its shiny shell doubles up as an ashtray and jewelry piece.

However, this is no ordinary snail. It can serve two people at ago. Local chefs know how to prepare and make it delicious.

Next time you’re in New Zealand, don’t forget to try out this cuisine. It is served best with Kumara and other delicious accompaniments.

7. Crayfish

Many New Zealand fishers take pride in catching the lobster. A well-prepared crayfish will make you salivate for more. With NZ$80 you’ll get a full crayfish.

It is an expensive delicacy, but it is worth it. You’ll find lobster meals in most restaurants in New Zealand. Many tourists often love it when the crayfish is a little spicy.

But, if you don’t like spices, kindly inform the chef in charge. He/she will ensure that you get value for your money. If you love crayfish, don’t leave without trying out this famous New Zealand food.   

8. Fishy Omelet

This cuisine is made up of immature fish; usually between one to two inches long. The fish can either be boiled or fried, depending on your tastes and preference.

Don’t leave South Island’s West Coast without tasting the fishy omelet. It is famously known as whitebait fritters in New Zealand.

You can find this cuisine at the local eateries at an affordable price. You should try it out when you visit New Zealand.

9. Another New Zealand Cuisine Is Roast Lamb

Lamb is New Zealand’s biggest meat export. It is loved by many across all corners of the globe. This is because of its high-quality.

Besides, it’s delicious when served with different accompaniments. You’ll find roast lamb in most high-end restaurants within the country. Its soft nature is the reason why many tourists like it.

Also, most chefs working in New Zealand’s local eateries are well-trained. Thus, they know what to the roast lamb to make it delicious. Ensure that you taste this local delicacy when you’re in New Zealand.

10. Battered Fish and Chips

One thing that you’ll notice with New Zealanders is that they love seafood. Most of their delicacies are fish-made.

The battered fish is common in most coastal towns within New Zealand. It is soft and tender and goes well with different accompaniments.

However, try it out with chips, and you’ll love it. The combination is a favorite for most fast food restaurants within the country.

Why You Should Try Out New Zealand Cuisine

New Zealand has a vibrant food history. Every year, New Zealanders invent new ways to improve their local dishes. Besides, their chefs are well-trained on handling different foods.

Besides, their food is healthy. Most cuisines are made naturally with little or no additives. As such, you won’t contract health-related diseases.

Next time the country, ensure that you taste at least one New Zealand cuisine. You’ll find most of them in local eateries or at your favorite restaurant. Check out our blogs to get more ideas on the local cuisines that you should try out.