These days, technology has made business owners’ lives easier since it allows them to multi-task and work on things at the same time. They can use gadgets to help them stay up to date with the latest developments in their industry. It also allows them to monitor their businesses even if they are  working remotely due to the pandemic.

Here are some gadgets that many business owners should have to help them run and expand their businesses in the middle of the health crisis.


In the age of video conference meetings, a webcam is an important gadget that business owners should have in their offices. The main benefit a webcam offers business owners is that it allows them to have a face-to-face meeting with colleagues and employees even if all of them are working remotely.

A webcam allows people to illustrate their points better than simply describing them verbally. There are instances when hand gestures allow people to highlight important points in a discussion. And using a webcam facilitates this.

The device also facilitates training if the business owner wants to personally train a new employee of the company. It allows them to illustrate points or diagrams if they could not prepare them on the computer. They need to point the webcam to a whiteboard where the business owner can write or point out important points during training.


Business owners are typically voracious readers who want to read the latest business literature related to their business. This makes an e-reader handy since it allows them to download the files onto their e-readers and read them at their convenience.

While they can do the same thing with their smartphones, e-readers have bigger screens and are cheaper than most smartphones. These devices are also lighter compared to tablets, which is another option for people who want the features of both a smartphone and an e-reader. But e-readers are also cheaper than most tablets. Additionally, most e-readers are waterproof, making them ideal devices to use while catching up on one’s reading while relaxing by the pool or the beach.

Bluetooth Headphones

Bluetooth headphones are quite useful for a business owner who is always on the good. It allows them to easily answer a call even though they are doing something else. For instance, if the call comes in while the business owner is working on the latest acquisition, he can take the call while checking the company’s financial statements. Many business owners prefer using Bluetooth earphones that offer other features. These features allow them to answer calls, listen to music, and even connect to different devices.

The other features that a business owner can look for in a Bluetooth headphone are a USB charging port, active noise canceling feature, accessible controls, long battery life, and durable design. While it may be awkward to use a Bluetooth headphone while going out of the office, business owners can also get a good pair of Bluetooth earbuds, which offer some of the features of a Bluetooth headphone, including the ability to answer and make calls as well as listen to music.


Fitness-conscious business owners are never without their smartwatches. Smartwatches are watches thathave similar features as a smartphone. These devices notify users of any incoming calls, SMS messages, emails, and other similar notifications the users can check on the display of the smartwatch or their smartphones.

Many of these devices feature colored displays, while some inexpensive models have e-paper, black-and-white displays. The users can control the features of the devices using the touchscreen display. These features include fitness trackers, calorie counters, and heart-rate monitors.

Higher-end models also have GPS tracking, making it a good way for their families to track them or monitor their locations. This feature is useful if the user goes missing since a private investigator can use it as an initial lead to these types of cases.

Air Purifiers

Air purifiers are quite useful these days since they can lessen the volume of airborne contaminants If used properly. To increase their effectiveness, business owners should also follow the other guidelines set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), including ensuring good ventilation inside an enclosed space. If the indoor space also allows the business to cater to customers’ concerns, the business owner should also require the use of masks together with the air purifier to reduce the risk of transmission.

Business owners are quite busy these days as they enhance their businesses to thrive during the pandemic. The latest gadgets available in the market can allow them to make their work easier.