When you hear the word Pokemon, what comes into your mind? They are fun and cute. These are the two words I can use to describe Pokemon. This is one of the most famous games for 90’s kids, and we play this game back with our Gameboy, Gameboy Advance, or Gameboy SP until today. I still see a lot of people play Pokemon because this game is about you becoming a Pokemon Trainer.

I consider this a game that has a lot of benefits because it is fun. It is also an effective self-care activity. In fact, it is like exercising because you need to walk in order to get and explore new types of Pokemon. Getting rare Pokemon is very important because who doesn’t want to have unique Pokemon, right?

The other benefit is that you get to meet new people around the city or maybe even the world. We all rant because of why kids do not want to go outside anymore and how they always play with their Ipads or cellphones. But Pokemon Go can help them play outside at the same time spend time with their friends. In order to go around the city of Tokyo while playing this app, these are the things you need in order to play comfortably.

High-Spec Smartphone

The first thing that you need to have in Tokyo is a high-spec Smartphone. Of course, you need a high-quality Smartphone in order to enjoy the game with its best HD qualities. If you own a low-spec smartphone, then how can you play the game on its one hundred per cent? You will not enjoy the game if it keeps on lagging.

The best location for Pokemon Go is the Senso-Ji Temple. You can see a Blastoise there in just under fifteen minutes. If you have a high-spec smartphone, then you can easily catch one of these. You would really need to have a lot of Pokemon in order to become the gym leader in Shibuya or maybe in Ueno Park. That would really be cool if you can capture rare and unique Pokemon.


The second thing you need is a powerbank. A power bank is also as important as owning a Smartphone because you can double the power of your Smartphone. If your phone is dying, then you can just use a power bank to recharge your Smartphone. Imagine this: you’re playing outside walking, and suddenly your phone died, and you need to find a spot to charge but there are none. Bummer, right? The game needs you to roam the big city of Japan so carrying extra juice with you is a must.

Trust me, the longer you play, the easier time you will get to your goal, which is to become a Pokemon master. This game is all about the grind you put in and the patience you have because not all the time the Pokemon you want will always appear in the city. So always be patient and keep trying.

Pocket Wifi

If you are a tourist and you’re visiting Tokyo, Japan, then you really need to rent or buy a pocket wifi because this game requires the internet. Without the internet, then you can’t play this game. It requires a fast and reliable internet because what can happen is, you might see a rare Pokemon, but the internet is weak, so it has a possibility for the game to crash. You can also use the power bank to charge your pocket WiFi.

Bottled Water

The last thing that you would really need to play this game is lots and lots of water. You need water because you would walk and explore different cities in Tokyo to find rare Pokemon. So don’t forget this because you might walk for a lot of miles, and water keeps you hydrated. We might never know when you will need water.


These things are the essentials in playing Pokemon Go on your Smartphone. Without these things, you might not get the gamer vibe in you. You need to activate your competitiveness in this game in order for you to outmatch other players in this game. Always aim to become the Pokemon Master because there can only be one Pokemon Master, and that is you.

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