Just in 2018, medical marijuana sales were at 4.5 billion dollars

Medical marijuana is becoming increasingly popular because it helps with so many issues that people struggle with. 

Instead of taking an endless amount of pills for your ailments, you should consider using marijuana for all of its health benefits. 

Continue reading to learn good excuses to get a medical card that your doctor will sign off on. 

Good Excuses to Get a Medical Card

There are many good excuses to get a medical card for marijuana because it helps with a variety of conditions. 

Before speaking with your doctor, you should review the laws and restrictions in your state. For example, you can take a look at this complete guide to learn how to get your card in Illinois. 

Once you have done your research, you will need to compile your medical records to prove any disability, illness, or injury that is currently affecting you. 

You will also need to have proof of residency when applying for a medical card. You will have to speak to your doctor to get a recommendation. If they are not as open to giving medical cards, you may have to convince them of why you need marijuana for dealing with your ailments. 

Below are some of the best excuses you can use if you need to convince your doctor to give a recommendation. 

1. Anxiety and Depression

Millions of people are struggling with depression, and the typical solution for them is to take a pill to balance their hormones. There have been few studies done, but it is believed that cannabis has hormone balancing properties as well and can help with stabilizing moods. 

Medical marijuana has a positive impact on those struggling with anxiety disorders. It helps relieve anxious feelings and creates a calming state for the user. Using medical marijuana for anxiety is a good short- term solution when life gets overwhelming. 

2. Migraines and Nausea 

Although there is not yet much research on medical marijuana treating migraines, many people claim that the pain is significantly reduced along with the frequency of migraines. Marijuana helps relieve pain that the person is experiencing and helps reduce other symptoms. 

Studies have shown that medical marijuana has a positive impact when combatting nausea and vomiting. The cannabinoids and THC are both active components that help combat nausea because they work as an antiemetic, which relieves the symptoms. 

3. Muscle Spasms and Chronic Pain

One of the most widely known excuses for getting a medical card is chronic pain. Many people use marijuana to help deal with ailments that don’t have a known underlying cause. It helps by reducing pain and inflammation that the user is experiencing. 

Marijuana is also effective with relieving muscle spasms. Inflammation is often the cause of muscle spasms, making marijuana an excellent solution. To receive these benefits, you can either smoke, eat, or apply cannabis to your body. Topical ointments are common among those who use it to treat muscle inflammation.  


Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), can be a difficult condition to live with and interferes with your daily life, and there aren’t many sources to get relief. Cannabis is an excellent solution when dealing with PTSD because of its therapeutic effects. 

Those who use medical marijuana for PTSD are likely to see an improvement in their anxiety, pain, and insomnia. There are many causes for PTSD and marijuana is only a solution for coping, and will not likely improve the root of the problem.

THC is a main component of marijuana that gives the user a sense of euphoria. This helps them deal with PTSD because it gives them a chance to get relief from their anxiety disorder. Many patients that deal with PTSD often have insomnia, which can also be treated with medical marijuana.  

5. Cancer

Cancer patients are often familiar with terrible symptoms that medications just can’t relieve. Marijuana can be highly effective if you are experiencing chemotherapy or any other testing that takes a toll on the body. 

There is evidence that marijuana is effective in treating nausea, low appetite, and vomiting, which are all major symptoms of cancer. Another issue that cancer patients often deal with is anxiety, whether they previously had it, or its due to being sick. Cannabinoids are more effective than THC alone when treating these conditions. 

6. Glaucoma

Smoking marijuana is often recommended for those dealing with glaucoma because of its pressure reducing properties. If the pressure builds up too much around the eye, you could run the risk of damaging the optic nerve, which can lead to blindness and loss of vision.

It is important that you are aware that along with lowering eye pressure, marijuana also lowers blood pressure, so be sure that you can take this as a remedy from your doctor. Topical eye drops have been becoming increasingly popular due to the benefits it has when helping patients with glaucoma. 

Marijuana for Better Health  

Marijuana is a natural plant that offers relief from many different problems. Whether it’s anxiety, chronic pain, arthritis, epilepsy, cancer, or movement disorders, marijuana can help relieve symptoms that are often difficult to overcome. 

If your doctor is on the fence and in need of convincing, use the good excuses to get a medical card that was stated above. Smoking medical marijuana may be the key to your health and comfort. 

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