As DIY videos and tutorials grow in popularity, an increasing number of homeowners have been taking on projects big and small on their own. From big renovations to the installation of replacement windows, individuals are attempting to get the job done on their own vs hiring a professional.

Most of the time, people attempt to DIY as a cost-savings measure. Yet the truth is, hiring an expert may actually save you money in the long run. Not to mention get the job done better, faster and safer.

If you’re looking to have your windows replaced, the team at Window Mart has put together five reasons you should consider hiring professional windows installers . Read on and find out why hiring a professional might be your best option after all…

Professional Window Installation Consultations

Some DIY videos make window replacement sound (and look) simple. Just pop out the old window and put in the new one, right? Unfortunately, it doesn’t really work like that. Installing windows can quickly turn into a complicated task requiring the right tools and knowhow to get it done right.

According to Family Handyman Magazine, “Some home improvement projects just aren’t worth the money, time or risk to do them yourself.” Ranking among such projects is window installation.

When you hire a professional, they will begin by sitting down with you and discussing what kind of windows you want, your budget, style preferences, goals and more. They will then assess the existing or desired placement for the window, the home’s structure, and more to let you know if the new windows will be a good fit and what options may be best suited for your needs.

This critical step can help you avoid performance issues later on, ensure a proper fit, better use, and improved aesthetics of the new window when installed.

Compliance with Building Codes and Regulations

When it comes to doing construction, building permits are often a necessary requirement to begin work and complete the task at hand. Homes are subject to building codes that ensure the safety and performance of the installation.

If the proper codes are not satisfied, the homeowner can be in trouble and may be liable for having the work redone. They could face fines, added expense of having to remove and re-install the windows, or be left with an unstable home due to poor installation. Further, in the event that the homeowner would ever need to file a related insurance claim, their insurance company may not pay for damages due to a faulty DIY installation that didn’t satisfy building codes.

Professional window installers will handle all necessary permit requirements before installing the windows according to local building codes. These professionals are insured, licensed and bonded, ensuring that if anything goes awry you’ll be covered.

Identification of Pre-Existing Problems

It doesn’t make sense to install energy-efficient windows if they aren’t going to perform as intended. Pre-existing issues can cause new windows to leak, let in drafts and more. These issues need to be dealt with before new windows go in. Problems such as leaking seals and cracks in the outer wall can affect the function of a new window. Professional window installers are trained in the identification of underlying issues and will be able to resolve these problems as necessary. 

Warranty for Labor and Parts

Generally, if you opt for professional installation, new windows (and the work performed on them) come with a warranty. If anything should go wrong after the windows are installed, you can contact the company to fix it.

If a natural disaster or other aspects of the window fail, causing damage, some insurance companies may deny your claim because you installed the windows yourself. Knowing your insurance is more likely to honor your policy if a professional is involved makes it worth hiring one in the first place.

Windows : Safe and Secure Installations You can Rely On to Perform for Years

If you work in construction, or a similar industry, you no doubt understand what it takes to install windows. For those who don’t, installing your own windows can put your home at risk. Professional installation can result in a superior finish, improved insulation, enhanced security and better overall performance that will stand up to the elements.

When it comes to the safety of your home, insurance claims, and proper installation, make the job easier by hiring a professional.