If you’ve ever had friends over, you know everyone gathers in the kitchen. It acts as the heart of your home, a gathering spot for family and friends. 

Without the friends and family gathered though, what do you think of your kitchen? Do you have the vision of your dream kitchen floating around in your head, but yours isn’t matching up? 

It might be time to plan that kitchen remodel and make your kitchen the space where everyone wants to gather. Take a look at these nine kitchen remodeling ideas that will help you remodel and refresh the most important space in your home.

1. Backsplashes That Splash

With the average kitchen remodel costing over $22,000, look for ways to make changes that won’t break the bank. Consider changing up your kitchen backsplash.

The backsplash of your kitchen takes plenty of abuse from food splashes and splatters. It’s one of the easiest ways to give your kitchen a refresh. 

There are many kitchen design ideas for backsplashes. If you have a small budget but want a change, consider painting your backsplash a new color or with a new finish of paint. 

Wallpaper is back with a bang. You might consider a removable wallpaper you can add and change to give your kitchen a new look for little money and effort.

If you want an upgrade, consider tiling or retiling your kitchen backsplash. There are a plethora of tile options through color, texture, style, and pattern.

2. Cabinets: New or Redo

If it’s time to revamp your kitchen and you have set aside the budget, the real way to change things up is by addressing your kitchen cabinets. There are a few ways to make changes in your cabinetry.

If your cabinets remain in good condition but need a refresher, you can always paint them. With a little labor and some research, painted cabinets can refresh your kitchen’s look.

Another option is to replace the facings or doors of the cabinets. If you go this route you might consider removing a cabinet or two for open shelving, a hot trend in kitchen design right now.  Replacing a closed door for a glass front door also updates the appearance of your cabinets.

For a complete remodel new cabinets not only improves your kitchen, but it also adds value too. Visit a company like Solid Construction & Design, where they can help your plan and complete the kitchen remodel of your dreams.

3. What’s On The Floor

Another big kitchen renovation idea is to change the flooring in your kitchen. Most popular in today’s kitchen remodels is using wood flooring. 

There are two types of wood flooring to consider. You can do the plank wood that’s installed and then finished. You can do engineered wood that comes prefinished. 

Oak and walnut are the most popular choices for their durability. Hickory and cherry also widely used.  Your preference for wood grain and color will likely drive your decision. 

Changing flooring can be a larger ticket item, so do your research. Consider how the floor will add color and brightness to the room. Also, consider its ability to be durable in high traffic areas

4. Island Life

While cabinets were already mentioned, consider the configuration of your kitchen too. One way to modernize with your kitchen remodel is to change the layout of your kitchen.

Many older kitchens have an L-shape cabinet formation. One way to modernize in the remodeling process is to remove part of the cabinets to make room for a kitchen island.

This is one way to also improve your kitchen’s workflow. It might also allow you to add seating from an overhanging counter at the kitchen island.

5. Up Your Counter Game

Another way to change the look of your kitchen is by replacing the countertops. This is likely to be a pricier kitchen renovation idea, so doing your research is a must. In addition to cost, consider the durability of the surface.

Using a laminate surface is certainly the most inexpensive option. For a more rustic farmhouse look, you could also use a wood butcher block counter. You’ll need to treat the laminate, so be sure to do your research.

The most popular option in today’s kitchen remodels is the use of granite or engineered quartz. Both of these options can be expensive and have their advantages.  With an endless array of choices, these both offer a way to bring color and pattern into your kitchen.

6. Light It Up

A great cost-effective method for a kitchen remodel is to change out your lighting. Consider the layout of your kitchen. Where do you need task lighting? Are there places where you want some ambient lighting to set a relaxing mood?

Lighting is one way to add personality to your kitchen. Consider whether you want flush mount lighting to keep the space open. Pendant lighting is also a modern updated way to add lighting over an island or an in kitchen eating area.

7. Paint It

Paint is a fast way to update any space, the kitchen included. We’ve already mentioned painting the cabinets or backsplash. Imagine other creative ways to use paint in your kitchen for a refreshed look.

Maybe you only paint the island base. Many modern kitchens feature cabinetry in one color and the island base in another color. For example, a kitchen with white cabinets might have a navy island base. 

Consider using paint to add a pop of color to your space if you have very neutral cabinets and counters. 

You might decide to paint the inside of a pantry or desk area with a splash of color to give the space some creative personality.

8. Hardware Finishes and Faucets

Cabinet hardware is a great way to freshen up your kitchen in an inexpensive way. Change the knobs and drawer pulls to give a whole new look to your kitchen for only a few hundred dollars. 

Hardware comes in all types of finishes, like silver, brass, pewter, brushed gold, and glass.  Consider coordinating your faucets with your hardware. A new faucet with a sleek new shape is a great way to give your kitchen a subtle pop. 

9. Decide On a Look

Kitchen design ideas come in a variety of forms. Consider the theme or look you want your kitchen to have. 

Are you going for retro, nautical, industrial, or zen? Do you want to saturate the space with one bold color?

Of course, some of the aesthetic comes from the hard surface choices (think cabinets, flooring, counters, tile) but it can also come from how you accessorize your kitchen too.

Creative Kitchen Remodeling Ideas For You

Are you ready for a kitchen remodel? That might mean you gut your kitchen and start over from the ground up. It might also mean making a few strategic changes to give your kitchen a refresher. 

Consider tackling your kitchen remodeling ideas with one of these tips for a new experience without the hassle of a full renovation. 

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