The greatest fascination that a little one has while growing up is with their toys. For most children, toys like soft toys are the most preferred companions for the warmth and comfort they bring. Children love to cling to their toys and have them near while traveling. There is a wide range of toys available for toddlers in many interesting shapes and characters, like the characters from children’s favorite cartoon shows. If you are looking to get your child a toy they would love, you can consider buying toys in the character of Donald Duck, Goofy, and universally adored Mickey Mouse toys for 2 year olds. These toys will delight your toddler to no end. After all, which kid will not be overjoyed to receive a toy modeled around their favorite Walt Disney cartoon character?

Considering your child’s initial five years are critical to shaping their brain capacity, they need toys that make a positive impact and encourage learning. If you are wondering which toy would be best for your child, suggested here are factors you must assess when selecting an appropriate toy for your little one:

Buying Guide

When evaluating the vast array of toys like the Mickey Mouse toys, ensure you source a toy compatible with your kid’s age. A thoughtfully designed toy focuses on developing essential abilities. These include hand-eye coordination and motor skills.

Material Composition

It is common for kids to chew and bite any item within their reach. Since your child will invariably have the toy around for amusement purposes, its material composition is an essential feature to examine.

Toys devoid of toxic PVC, BPA, and Phthalates are considered safe for children. Your kid’s tiny body is more vulnerable to the ill effects of toxic materials that pose a choking hazard. Should the toy be constructed with dangerous ingredients, it can potentially harm the development and growth of your child. This is why, while making a purchase of a toy for your child, carefully examine the material it is made of to ensure the safety of your toddler. 


Toddlers are famous for manhandling even their favorite toys as they do not know better. Common toddler behavior is wildly flinging a toy, squashing it, and holding it precariously. You need to give your child a sturdily built toy that will withstand rough handling, or else you may have to incur more expense on replacement playmates.


Unreasonably expensive gifts are not suitable for this age group. Two-year-olds have no concept of the value of their possessions and will treat their playing companion as they feel, even wildly at times.

You should spend a reasonable amount on a quality toy that should serve your child’s purpose for a reasonable length of time. A suspiciously undervalued toy often indicates a cheaply made product that will not survive in your child’s playful hands.

Reputed Manufacturer

Always source branded toys produced by reputed and authentic manufacturers. A famous brand has a reputation for safeguarding. Hence, it will never supply inferior quality toys or those made using toxic components. Given the variety of toys available based on this famous character, it becomes essential to be wary of fakes.

Legitimate manufacturers have updated official websites where you can access further details on toys you are keen to present to your child. Should the toy’s packaging reflect a grammatically incorrect sentence or word, it is a sign to look elsewhere.

Emanating Sound

On reading the product’s description, you learn if the toy has provisions for sound. Jarring noises can get unbearable for you as a parent and your child. Toys that produce soothing sounds and include a volume button provision to adjust make a better pick.

With so much adulteration taking place in almost every industry, it is important to be cautious when bringing a new object into the house, especially for your growing toddler. Moreover, for many new parents, the task of striking a balance between enjoyment and education with toys for their little ones can be a challenge. To make a sound decision, researching well is crucial. If you are looking to buy your child toys that they can cherish without being at any risk, you may consider exploring various trustworthy blogs online committed to helping people have a stress-free gifting experience.