Your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life. And you want to end your big day with a happy and fulfilled bride. Achieving this begins from your wedding day preparation right down to the execution. There are helpful wedding day tips that will help you pull off a beautiful day.

From having to make up trials to sorting out your shoes, getting bridal boxes, and more. We’ve got you covered. After talking to real brides, these tips will guide you on how to prepare for your wedding day.

1. Invest in a bridal subscription box

Yes! It’s an investment because bridal box subscriptions are the ultimate companions for every woman. They’re offered as bridal services and double as fun buddies and wedding planners. There are many bridal services around the world, but the best of them is the MisstoMrs box.

Miss to Mrs. Bridal box is a sure help for brides right from the engagement until the honeymoon. With four plans, which include accelerated, extended, quarterly, and monthly. This service works with your timeline. It also offers nine themed boxes, which caters to you at every stage of the wedding. You know what to do per time and even when to take a break.

The contents of these boxes are carefully curated with beauty essentials, jewelry, decor items, wedding inspiration, tips, and guides. If you’re Mrs and Mrs, here’s your plug because the chosen items are all-encompassing. Plan and pamper effortlessly!

2. Hair and makeup trials are mandatory

It is very important that you’re familiar with your makeup and wedding hairstyle before the day. Have a designated stylist and makeup artist create your wedding look to see how it fits. Take pictures from varied angles and keep them in preparation for your wedding.

3. Expect the best and embrace the worst

We know that you want a perfect day and you’re deserving. But, some things will go wrong. It could be the flowers wilting before set up, a tiny crack in your cake, the caterer forgetting some cutlery, anything. We don’t want you to make a huge deal or get worried about it. Relax, enjoy yourself, and have faith that your planner will take care of it.

4. Keep a bottle of water close by

The general rule is that you shouldn’t lock your knees during the ceremony to avoid fainting. However, going through the hassles of standing for long and taking photos could wear you out. Worst of all is when you get dehydrated, the risk becomes higher. Always have water bottles close by as you take your photos in the sun. Designate the task of handling your water to someone in your bridal party. Better still, you can avoid the heat by taking your couple’s chosen photo before the whole ceremony begins. That said, it’s important to drink some water at intervals throughout the ceremony and reception.

5. Designate an attendant for the restroom

One of the most important tips for your wedding day is how you do your relief business. We cannot imagine you dragging your dress all the way to the convenience. So we advise that you have someone on your team that can navigate your dress. Step out of it when you need to use the restroom and get back into it when you’re done. If it’s a full dress with so much going on below, use a can, a bag, or anything that works better.

6. Ensure that your caterer packs some food for you

This is an important wedding day advice for every bride. You’ll be so busy that you won’t even have the time to pause for a meal. At the end of the day when you ask the caterer for some food, it’s finished. So, to be on the safe side, ensure that some food is well packaged and sent up to your hotel room with restricted access. You paid for the food, so you should taste it.

7. Have middlemen on ground

The amount of calls that you’ll get on your wedding day is crazy. You may not realize it but you’ll get calls from the vendors, guests, family, friends, and more. This can be overwhelming and distracting. We advise that get middlemen to intercept all these calls and inquiries. It will help you stay calmer, focusing on things that matter.

8. Ensure that you’re the priority

It’s common knowledge that most brides show up late at their own weddings. Don’t be that bride. Get things done early enough so that you can earn some time to yourself. Make sure you’re a priority. Get your hair done before the bridesmaids, and everything else.

9. Have lipsticks and baby wipes on hand

We can’t emphasize how important this is even if you have the best makeup artist in the world. You’ll want to touch up your lips after the first kiss, you’ll need to clean spills on your dress, etc. Spare lipstick and wipes can save you. Keep them in the care of someone that you can easily reach.

10. Keep comfort shoes around

It’s going to be a long day getting married. From the ceremony to reception, you’ll be on your feet for the most part. Your feet will hurt especially if you aren’t a pro in heels. For some respite, keep comfort shoes around that you can change into at a moment’s notice.

11. Practice bustling your dress before the big day

Figuring out the correct way to bustle your dress can take up a good time if you aren’t the designer. So, it helps that your maid of honor or mom attends your final fitting with you so that they can watch. Also, try on your wedding dress a week or two before your wedding and bustle it. You will save valuable time trying to navigate it on your wedding day.

12. Pack an emergency kit

Pain relievers, threads and needles, mints, plasters, cotton wool, etc. Here are some of the items you need. Let your mom or maid of honor handle this kit because you’ll surely need it.

We’ve put together 12 life-saving wedding day tips for every bride. These tips will help you stay ahead throughout your wedding day prep and beyond.

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