Marketing is essential for all businesses to survive. One of the best forms of marketing is through short message service (SMS) service. This is called mobile marketing. It is how many businesses and companies easily reach their potential customer base within minutes. However, SMS are not always free after a limited number. To avoid this hindrance, people use free and bulk SMS send services to continue texting as much as they like from time to time. Let’s have a look at mobile SMS marketing now.

What is mobile marketing?

It refers to a online multi-channel marketing approach which focuses at reaching any particular amount of targeted audience on tablets, smartphones, and computer. In other words, any device which can access the internet and go through websites, SMS, e-mail, etc. Mobile marketing helps in providing customers with location and time sensitive and personalized information which promotes services, ideas, or goods.

SMS marketing in detail

Marketing through SMS was quite an achievement and was quite popular in 2000s around the world. Through various methods businesses collected numerous phone numbers of targeted audience and send their idea, service or goods’ information through it. On average, people opened 98% of the messages they receive and read it within 2 to 3 minutes, that makes it remarkable effective when it comes to quickly reaching recipients.

Over the last few years, it has become one of the most preferred way of advertising in various parts of this world. The reason for this is that unlike email which is sent using public internet, carriers maintain their network by setting best practices and guidelines for this mobile media sector. This is why people use this advertising channel and send multiple texts free of cost by using free SMS platforms.

Expansion of mobile marketing

Mobile marketing technique with the help of SMS is expanding rapidly in Asia and Europe as it is quite a new channel to reach potential consumers. At the beginning, it received a lot of backlash as many people received spammed content. This happened as many advertisers purchased list of people’s information to send unsolicited content. However, this turned around after all the guidelines were placed by mobile operators.

After the rules were placed, it became the most popular advertising branch in modern era. In Europe every month more than 100 million advertising texts are sent just in Europe. Now imagine how many texts are sent throughout the world every month.

SMS marketing strategy

There are two approaches when it comes to SMS marketing; one is outbound and another is inbound. Outbound marketing’s primary focus is sending texts for promotions, sales, donations, contests, event reminders, and appointments. However, inbound strategy focuses on generating lead so that outbound SMS senders whom they can send their promotional texts to every month.

Hence, to bring down this cost business prefer using free SMS service which allows them to text for free to any number. It plays a crucial role in mobile marketing. People who are businessman knows that they will have to adapt to this marketing technique to survive in this competitive market.