Your staffing firm should target two audiences: potential clients (employers) and job candidates (employees). You need to make your recruitment agency known to these two groups to attract more job orders and clients, which will ultimately boost your income. 

However, marketing your staffing agency startup in a congested industry can be challenging. If you want to stand out, you’ll need to work smarter. You have to know how you can set your company apart to attract more customers, recruit the right people, and retain them, among others. 

In this article, we’ll help you identify different marketing strategies that will help you usher your staffing agency startup to success:

1. Optimize Your Website

All it takes for clients and candidates to find the right staffing agency is one internet search. With that, you have to make sure that when a potential candidate or employer searches for “staffing agencies near me” your company’s website should be on the top of the search engine results page (SERPs). Search engine optimization (SEO) helps you with just that. 

SEO is the process of optimizing your website’s content for it to rank higher on SERPs. The primary goal is to increase your website’s visibility, so the users quickly see your website once they search for a specific query (i.e., staffing agencies near them) and click on it. 

The process usually starts with an in-depth SEO audit or an analysis of issues affecting your ranking on organic search results. It could be loading speed issues, duplicated content within your website, or even as simple as a long title tag (more than 60 characters). Identifying what problems you’re having allows you to create solutions so that you can rank better on search engines in the future.

2. Leverage Your Social Media Presence

According to Backlinko, “The number of social media users in the US is 231.47 million in 2020, meaning 70% of Americans are actively using sites monthly.” Considering that the majority of the population is using the sites regularly, including your target audience, it makes sense as to why you should focus your marketing efforts there, too. 

Social media platforms are the best places to connect with clients and candidates. You can post anything about your company – be it announcements, news, or client testimonials. If you post on your socials regularly, your clients are constantly reminded about your company. In case of an employee turnover, your potential clients will think of your staffing company for staff recruitment.  

3. Provide Resources

Sharing your knowledge about staffing in public will help you attract the attention of clients and applicants. You can create a webinar, eBook, blogs, tutorial videos, or brochures and share these on social media or email. Topics like picking the right candidate or best interview questions could be a helpful resource for clients and job candidates. 

Showing your expertise in the field positions you as an industry expert and boosts your authority. In turn, it will help cultivate trust among your audience. The more you share your information with the public, the more confident people will work with you. 

4. Market to Your Existing Customers

Did you know that it’s less costly to market to your existing customers than acquire new ones? Since these people can already attest to the quality of your services, they’re more likely to be easier to convince to come back. Plus, if you consistently provide an excellent service, the chances are high that they’ll refer your agency to others, too. Word-of-mouth remains to be a powerful marketing tool. 

In other words, you can leverage your relationship with your existing customers and candidates to gain new ones. As much as possible, keep them happy by occasionally offering discounts (for employers) or referral fees (for candidates). 

Aside from that, you can also send occasional emails to unplaced candidates to let them know of any job openings. Likewise, you can send a gentle reminder to your previous clients that your service is available to them should they need your help in recruiting new people. 

5. Paid Ads

Paid advertising is a marketing tactic wherein the owner pays for space on a particular website (i.e., social media, search engines). If people frequently come across your staffing agency ads, it will keep your brand and service on people’s top of mind.

Along with proper website optimization, paid ads can help get you on top of search engine rankings. This way, when customers search for staffing agencies, your website will be one of the first to appear on the results page. 


Marketing can be one of the most challenging tasks you’ll undertake for your staffing agency. But with the strategies mentioned above in mind, you’ll surely see excellent results in no time. While other tactics may require you to shell out some cash, it would be worth the investment you’ll make.