Every site wants to rank higher on Google and most digital marketers will tell you that one way to scale up that ladder is to use a strategy known as link building. Well, what is link building all about and why the huge buzz? To answer this, let’s explain link building in plain simple language along with its benefits and some simple techniques to get you started.

What’s Link Building?

Link building is an SEO technique where you acquire high authority links directed towards your site (backlinks) for the purposes of building your ranking in search engines. The technique has a lot to do with an algorithm referred to as PageRank, which is one of the first ranking signals used by Google. The algorithm essentially uses the number of links to a web page as an estimate of how important the site is. That’s why links are important but it isn’t that simple or straightforward. We will tell you more about this later but first, let’s look at some of the benefits of link building.

Benefits of Link Building

Link building actually has tons of other benefits other than increasing search engine rankings. Here are a few other benefits of link building:

Increase Conversions

Ranking aside, link building can help you drive up sales by increasing direct traffic to your pages that in turn translates to an increase in conversion rates. This is especially the case if your backlink is from a highly visited webpage that in this case acts as a referral to your own page.

Improving Your Brand

You can also use link building as an avenue for pushing your brand to the target consumer through third sites with high authority. It is a good way of establishing your brand as an industry leader in your niche. You can reach out to a wider targeted audience offering valuable information or solutions and thus sell what you offer as a good or service.

Building Long-Term Relationships

Link building will often entail content marketing through strategies like blogger outreach to spread your links. The primary goal is to get high-quality backlinks but like a ripple effect, you will also get mutual relationships that can benefit your business in other ways.

Link Building Strategy: Tips to get you started

This is probably the best time to tell you that link building isn’t just about getting your links out there. In fact, Google keeps fine-tuning their ranking algorithm to avoid black hat manipulative tactics to rank websites higher. That’s why it is best to use white label link building agencies who are adept with link building strategies that work organically. 

It is also advisable to use using clever content marketing in your strategy. You will need to create the right content and then find the right website to link up with. Here are a few simple ways to get links faster:

  • Use resource pages for link building
  • Target relevant web pages with broken links
  • Find the content ranking on similar keywords and then create better content to offer improved solutions than existing ones.
  • Make use of link building & SEO tools in your link building campaign. In fact, there are many free tools especially when it comes to matters research

This is just the tip of the iceberg but it is a great place to start.  Remember, you don’t have to do it on your own! You can always seek the services of an agency for link building in Australia that has the technical SEO expertise to drive your site into the first page of Google.