Choosing an apt, appropriate and professional company name in a crowded market is a hassle for many entrepreneurs seeing customers are already bombarded with millions of product and company names.

For instance, if you intend to start a Shopify Store it may interest you to know there are over 500,000 other Shopify stores to differentiate from when it’s time to name or brand your store.

Indeed, creating a catchy business, company or campaign name for your startup or brain child is no child’s play.

Some entrepreneurs brainstorm company name ideas for days on end only to find out their “unique” business name is already taken as well as associated social media handles and domains.

Frustrating right? Yeah, been there, done that.

But, what if I told you you could just visit a website, type a few keywords related to your business and bang, you generate thousands of company name ideas or combinations to choose from, all of them with associated social media and domain names available?

Cool right?

That’s exactly what you could do with a company name generator. They are Uber fast, convenient and AI driven business or company name generators.


What is a Company Name Generator?

Company name generators as the name implies are great online tools developed solely to help entrepreneurs quickly come up with names for their companies, businesses or startups. This process is powered by AI rooted in Machine Learning.

Few Other Areas Where AI is Used

World over AI is disrupting many industries; a good example is the automotive sector. Despite concerns about looming job cuts AI is certainly not slowing down, with AI reported to enable up to 38% profit gains by 2035 (Forbes).

It is widely employed because of its versatility and efficiency, and of course, its intelligence. The intelligence part is where ‘machine learning’ comes into play and the company name generators build their core function around. It is how it creates combinations, learns from your likes and dislikes, come up with catchy names, keep up with trends, avoid offensive words, in short, there is a buck load of things AI can do and do pretty well.

Okay. So

Why Use Company Name Generators?

They are:

  • Fast
  • Convenient
  • Easy to use
  • Simple
  • Free
  • Creative
  • Widely available, etc

Following are

More Ways Company Name Generators Help Startups and Businesses

1.Domain Name Availability Checks

Another great benefit of using company name generators is that they can also tell whether matching domain names are available or not for each company name idea generated.

This saves you a ton of time you would otherwise waste browsing the web to confirm availability of corresponding domain names.

2.Ability to Create Company Names from Non-English/Made Up Words

SQUIDOO, UBER, SKYPE anyone? Such names are non-English or made up terms, and not everyone can create one. The good news is that some company name generators have the added ability to automatically generate such stylish, creative, catchy, and made-up words as company names.

Most tech startups, mobile apps and software companies tend to love this trend more.

3.Niche Friendliness

Different company name generators have different features and purposes, some are tailored to specific niches or industries like the Hipster Business name generator (which does exactly as the name suggests). It produces only names associated with the hipster culture.

Shopify also has a store name generator that can help you brand your new store with suggested names and domains.

4.Results Based on Your History

One special thing about AI powered technology is their machine learning ability, which sets AI apart from other computer programmed functions and algorithms.

An artificially intelligent machine learns from your previous interactions with it and improves on the result it gives you next time, more like predictive text when typing on your mobile.

Namelix for instance is a popular AI company name generator that can factor in names you liked or bookmarked and narrow down future name suggestions to ones you will probably like most based on your past name search behavior.

5.Pre-loaded Company Name Ideas

Some other company name generators contain a huge database of preloaded company names filed into different categories.

Once on their website they ask you to fill in the required fields of a form which usually includes the

  • description of the business or company,
  • target audience,
  • product type,
  • Business or industry vertical, among others.

This information is compared with the categorised names in its database.

On clicking the ‘generate’ button it brings up name ideas that correspond with the information submitted.

But Is AI All Aight? A Few Limitations

Following are a few not-so-aight facts about AI powered company name generators:

1.Need for Human Touch

Despite AI’s numerous company naming capabilities, humans still have to input the data needed to process company name ideas as well as make the final call on which outcomes to pick plus optimize for search and avoid certain SEO mistakes.

2.Language Limitations

A machine generated company name idea may sound fantastic in English and yet be profanity in another language. Hence, humans must supervise and screen business name ideas generated because AI robots don’t know all languages yet.

3.Time Consuming

Business or company name generators are super fast, all things being equal. However, if the foregoing is the case, much time may be spent in human intervention, questioning the rationale for such company name generators in the first place.


In closing, it’s a great idea to be open to using company name generators for your business as they typically save time and effort.

All in all its a great tool entrepreneurs, business execs, brand consultants and other business owners should be happy to try. Let’s know your thoughts.