Do you worry about your small business being in the crosshairs of cybercriminals? If so, it’s completely understandable, as SMBs are increasingly threatened by cyber-attacks. Indeed, a 2023 study revealed that, in the past year, three in four SMBs in the U.S. reported suffering an attack.

As a result of your concerns, you may now be considering hiring a managed service provider. But you’re still on the fence, unsure if your business can afford it.

It likely can since the cost of managed IT services can be as low as $50 per package, per user, per month. However, this depends on several factors, which we’ll break down for you in this guide.

IT Services You Need

MSPs typically provide stand-alone services, including cybersecurity monitoring, help desk, and cloud computing. They usually charge about $20 to $30 per user per month for each service.

Some MSPs also offer services that follow a pay-as-you-use pricing model. An example is disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS), which should be part of your business continuity plan. In this case, you may only pay under $20 for each instance you use DRaaS.

If you want the most cost-effective option, go for bundled packages, which often start at $50 per user per month. At the very least, these plans offer remote monitoring, IT support, and cloud services.

Your Required Service Time

Service time refers to the length of time you want your managed IT services to be available. For example, if you only need them during office hours, you’re looking at about eight to nine hours of daily service time.

Generally, the shorter the service time, the less you’ll pay. However, this still depends on whether your office hours include weekends. In this case, expect to pay slightly more than a business that only needs services from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays.

Round-the-clock monitoring and cybersecurity protection also cost more outside of typical office hours. Plans that include this may cost upward of $150 per month per user. It’s a worthy investment, though, as it gives your small business IT infrastructure 24/7 protection and access to a help desk.

Amount of Data You Need to Store

Cloud computing services for SMBs are 40 times more cost-effective than in-house IT systems.

So, if you haven’t migrated to the cloud yet, consider having an MSP help you with the process. They usually include the cost of cloud computing (with a limit) in their bundled service plans. But if you must store a significant amount of data on the cloud, expect to pay more. 

Budget for the Cost of Managed IT Services

With the typical cost of managed IT services being as low as $50 a month per user, chances are your business can afford it. It’s a worthy investment that can protect your IT infrastructure from threat actors. Besides, it costs much less than hiring an in-house IT professional.

So, as early as today, speak with an MSP so you can start budgeting for your managed IT services.

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