Switzerland. Mauritius. Thailand. The Maldives…

There are so many places on the wanderlust list but the budget does not allow many to take trips across the globe. The lives of travel bloggers are so enviable. They are living their best lives while different countries host them. They are out there collaborating with hotels, motels, airlines, and restaurants and we are just sitting here imagining ourselves in those scenarios. Anyhow, we cannot gain much by whining about it. However, what we can do is plan a vacation on a low budget. Yes, it is possible to go on a vacay when you have a tight budget. All it needs is a little research and beforehand planning. That being said, we suggest reading an article on travel sponsorship. Staying connected to the rest of the world’s taken care of by our smartphones and Internet plans. However, taking care of the budget is where your smartness will kick-in. Spend wisely!

Here are a couple of ways by which you can travel on a budget..

To Each His Own

When it comes to traveling, each individual has his/her own preference and taste. While the scenic beauty of Switzerland might mesmerize someone, another person may not find the quiet country to his/her taste. So, do not go around asking people the best places to travel on a budget. Or, how much should you start saving for it. Your like/dislike may vary from others. Same applies to the budget you set or the savings you start putting aside to afford a trip. You need to start saving the day you decide that you want to travel to a certain country or city or state. Plan way ahead of time and start keeping a certain amount in a piggy bank according to the place you have decided. Budgeting is the most important thing.

Download Travel Apps

Once you have picked a place to want to travel to, it is time you download the travel apps. This is a very convenient way of keeping yourself updated about the cheap flights and hotel packages. Once you download an app like Expedia or Cheap flights, you will subscribe yourself to receiving constant updates and notifications. This way you will know the best time to travel and when exactly are cheap flights offered. You do not want to miss out on your chance to book a budget-friendly flight!

Travel Off-Season

All of you who have had the chance to travel abroad before would know how the ticket prices hike around the holiday season. So, the best practice is to travel off-season. Not only will you get cheaper flights, but you also will not have to deal with an over-crowded place if you travel off-season. That is the time when the travel agents and various travel apps offer cheap deals to you as well. Moreover, the motels or hotels that you stay in do not cost as much as they would if you were traveling at some peak time of the year (like Christmas). Although you will miss out on some exciting festivities,  you have a low budget constraint…

Take care of Your Own Self

Instead of spending money on getting your laundry done and dining out in expensive restaurants, make some effort and do your chores yourself. That does not mean that you refrain from eating out. One has to try how the food in the country he/she is visiting tastes like. The food tells a lot about the culture of a place. And it is always very exciting to taste different cuisines. It is like giving your taste buds a tour as well. Therefore, it is a very good idea to taste the various cuisines, but that does not mean that you spend hefty amounts on expensive eateries. Try the street food and eat where locals eat. To be honest that gives your taste buds a better splash of the flavors of that country than fancy restaurants.

No Pain No Gain

It is always a wise idea to walk as much as you can when you plan a sightseeing tour. In many countries/cities, bus tours or sightseeing tours are very expensive. The best practice is to get hold of a map and walk around the city. To be honest, that gives you a chance to mingle with the locals, stop by at different places and burn the calories you put on during the vacay. Traveling on the bus or a tube is quite boring (to say the least). So, exert yourself a bit the next time you travel to a country. You will love it!

Other things to look after while traveling on a budget are:

  • Not to over-spend while shopping
  • Keep a track of your spending
  • Pack light

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