The first priority of today’s generation is electronic gadgets. They can survive without food but cannot survive without the internet and these gadgets. The latest technology of these gadgets attracts the youth. But as we all know that the trend changes very fast. In such situation purchasing any gadget needs to be very smart. You must inquire about each and every feature and technology used to manufacture the product. Selection of design also matters. Few designs never go off to trend. But few designs, colors, and other specifications go outdated very soon.

The gadgets are incomplete without two things, one is the internet and the second one is applications. Applications are a great source that makes our chatting, gaming, pics editing, video making and doing more activities very easy,  creative and attractive. If we have no friends but a fully entertaining gadget then we can easily enjoy with that gadget. We don’t need any other company to entertain a moment. Company of these highly technological gadgets is enough to cheer a person.

What facilities Kodi app offers:

These days some very interesting applications are going on. These apps offer you to watch all your favorite TV shows, movies and more on your phone, TV, or fire stick. Among those apps, Kodi is the most popular app for the same. You can enjoy the benefit of this application anywhere and any time by simply installing this application on your mobile, TV, or fire stick. The best part of this application is that this gives you a platform where you can record your favorite shows, movies, and matches and can view in your free time.   So give your time and complete concentration to your work as you are not going to miss your favorite episode. The people who work in corporate, have always a shortage of time due to a tight schedule. They usually miss their favorite programs on TV. But Kodi gives them an opportunity to watch all their favorite shows in their free time by recording option. You must be aware of the steps to downloading and installing an application on your mobile phone. But many people don’t know how to download and install any particular application on their TV or fire stick.

Below are some steps to guide you on how to install Kodi on firestick :

Settings menu:  select and click the following options-

a.To install Kodi in your Tv, first of all, go to the setting option on your TV with the help of remote control.

b.Now click on the device option from your setting menu. Here you can control your application installation with permission.

setting option on your TV

1.Click on developer: 

When you will click on device option,  a list will appear, select the second option which is a developer.

developer option

2.Enable from unknown sources:

Whenever we install a new application, then we must be very careful about the unknown sources. Save your system from risks and enable your Kodi application from other unknown sources. These precautions will serve you a better application experience in the future. The chances of risks are high during installing the third- party application, as it can cause malfunction to your device. If you are facing the trouble situation of system malfunctioning after installation, then do the factory reset and try again to install Kodi.

Apps from unknown source

3.Download the Kodi application:

Now download the Kodi application. You can choose any of the multiple options of Kodi download. If you are looking for the simplest option, then you can go with the free downloader application or you can also select the Kodi builds option too. The Kodi builds presents the best Kodi add-ons to have an amazing application experience. You can also download from the direct Kodi website.

3.	Download the Kodi application

4.Android app selection: 

If you want to run your app with a smooth flow without any problem then you can also choose the android Kodi application option, as the fire tv app belongs to android branch and the combination of android system and application works perfectly together.

Android app selection

5.32- bit installation:

Some people have quite good experience with 32-bit installation. It depends on the system type and the user’s preferences. If the 32bit installation doesn’t fit with your preferences and experience, then you can go with any other installation option.

32-bit installation


By clicking on installing option you can check the Kodi permission and also can review the Kodi application status.

Install Kodi
Kodi app installed


customizing option gives you an ease to adjust the things according to your preferences. This option to set and access the Kodi app in the same way you access your other apps on fire stick or TV. The customizing option includes the following settings:

i.Share your media library

ii.Install add-ons

iii.Tweak Kodi

Customizing Kodi app

The above-mentioned options make your Kodi more convenient and interesting for you. It becomes easy to operate and interesting to use the app in the most entertaining path. If you are using a fire stick, then you must use a remote also.

 The Steps mentioned above are easiest and best to download, install and customize the Kodi application in your TV or fire stick. Apply the same steps to enjoy a never before Kodi application. These steps will help you in your best Kodi builds.

Ladies have a craze about TV shows. They don’t want to miss even a single episode. But some times due to some work or any outing they have to miss the episodes of their favorite shows. Which they really dislike. Either they refuse to go for their import work or they feel bad to miss their show all the time. Now for such type of crazy ladies and other TV lovers, this special Kodi application is being introduced. So install the Kodi app and enjoy all your favorite items by recording and watching in your free and convenient time. There is numerous more option that gives you a more enjoyable TV experience. The improvement in technology has made the life of people easier, happier and faster. Move with time, don’t wait or sit behind to stay updated with the latest updates. These types of apps are always there to support you all the time.