While high fashion has long been the playground of well-to-do adults, the digital age has changed that. With the advent of social media, everyone wants a chance to show off their threads, and kids are no exception.

As the demand for high-end kids’ fashion has continued to increase, brands have adapted. These days, outfitting kids with name brand luxury clothing is just a few clicks away.

In fact, some of the most well-respected and most expensive clothing brands in the world make lines that cater to kids. Here are 7 of the most expensive brands out there.


“Goo goo, gaga” has been a standard euphemism for baby talk for many years, but perhaps it should be “Gucci gaga” in this case. For kids who are more interested in designer handbags than babydolls, this Italian high fashion powerhouse is a top choice.

You don’t have to know much about clothing to recognize the name Gucci. It’s become synonymous with luxury clothing over the years, and for good reason. Gucci puts care and attention into every piece, and their children’s line is no different.

Their designers aim to replicate the elegant feel of Gucci’s adult clothes while capturing the playfulness of youth. Parents seeking a refined look for their kids that still embraces fun will find a lot to love in Gucci’s kids’ line.


Speaking of elegance, Givenchy is a brand that has it in spades. With their kids’ line, they aim to retain that elegance while maximizing a comfortable, sporty vibe.

For parents who want luxurious but not stuffy, Givenchy might be exactly what the doctor ordered. Their emphasis on a “sports luxe” feel ensures that your kids are going to look their best and feel their best at the same time.

Kids lead an active lifestyle, and their everyday attire should reflect that. This isn’t lost on Givenchy, which is why functionality is just as important as aesthetics in their designs.

Baby Dior

If you’re looking to outfit your kid the second you get home from the hospital. Baby Dior is the brand for you. With clothes designed specifically for newborns, you won’t have to wait to dress your baby in timeless, eye-catching pieces.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a newborn to deck out. Baby Dior has plenty of options for the entire range of the preteen crowd, and you can expect the same quality that you find in their adult pieces.

Dior’s kids’ clothing lends itself to a sort of sophistication that you can’t replicate. Their eye for classic designs will have your children looking refined.

Chloé Kids

This brand is a French fashion staple known for its everyday-life meets high-fashion ethos. Chloé Kids focuses on blending the elegance you’d expect from a brand of their stature with an age-appropriate playfulness.

Like Givenchy, wearability is of the utmost importance to Chloé, but they eschew the sporty look for a more timeless feel. With airy designs perfect for a day out or a dinner party, these are clothes that are made to be worn and shown off all at once.

If you need functionality just as much as you do style, this is one of the best options out there. After all, a stuffy design that stifles your child’s ability to live is no good. With Chloé, you get the best of both worlds.

Mishka Aoki

In a way, Mishka Aoki is precisely the opposite of the last brand we discussed, but don’t think that’s a bad thing. While these aren’t clothes you’d want to wear every day, they embody a luxury that can’t be beat for special occasions.

Mishka Aoki represents opulence and wealth, and their clothes reflect that. Their children’s pieces are highly-detailed, ultra-refined affairs that still leave room for imagination.

In many ways, these pieces are more akin to something you’d see on a Disney princess than anything else. They utilize billowy, painstakingly embroidered designs to evoke a one of a kind luxury and style. 

For anyone interested in making their children look like royalty, this is the brand for you.


No list of kids’ fashion would be complete without mentioning Burberry. Burberry seeks to bring the functionality and style of their adult line to children while leaving room to be creative.

Their clothes use colorful designs and playful patterns to create pieces a kid can feel good in. On top of that, they use the high-quality raw materials you’ve come to expect from Burberry products.

Winter months won’t stand a chance next to their super warm and super stylish trenchcoats. And summer will be a breeze in their timelessly fashionable tartan dresses. Go with Burberry if you’re looking for durable, all-season clothes with style to spare.

Dolce & Gabbana

When it comes to big-name fashion houses, it doesn’t get more iconic than this Milan, Italy-based legend. Founded in 1985, they’ve been bringing visionary designs to the runway for over 30 years, and their kids’ line stays firmly within that tradition.

“Royal” is an appropriate word to describe the look of D&G’s kids’ clothing line. They’re pieces of the highest quality that look the part. From fashionable jackets to perfectly tailored pants, these clothes can turn any kindergartener into a runway-ready fashion icon.

The Most Expensive Clothing Brands Are Also the Best

When it comes to clothes, you get what you pay for. The most expensive clothing brands cost more for a reason. Not only do they look great and come with brand recognition, but they also use the best materials out there.

As your kids get older, they’ll still want to look their best, so don’t stop your research here. Check out this list of awesome t-shirt ideas for teens so you’ll be ready when they outgrow those Gucci overalls.