Music therapy can be an effective part of addiction recovery. The therapy itself is done with a professional therapist and involves gaining an understanding of emotions through writing your own music, similar to what you could achieve in talking therapy. One technique advocated by music therapy is to create your own playlist of songs.

Many artists have struggled with addiction themselves, and written songs about overcoming drug addiction. Here’s our list of 7 top songs about addiction.

10 Songs about Overcoming Drug Addiction

Whether your music of choice is rap, rock, or country, there is something for you in this list to inspire you as you learn how to detox from drugs.

1. Rehab, Amy Winehouse

Unfortunately, Amy Winehouse lost her battle to addiction in 2011. Prior to that, she wrote one of the best rehab songs, which addressed her own reluctance to get the help she needed. Many people with addiction will understand the idea behind the song, that it’s easy to deny that you have a problem.

2. Chandelier, Sia

Sia’s powerful ballad has become one of the most popular songs about struggling with addiction. In it, she talks about how, ‘Party girls don’t get hurt, can’t feel anything,’ a numbness that many addicts can identify with.

3. Walk, Foo Fighters

Walk is a helpful song for recovery because it is about starting over after a slip. The lead singer, Dave Grohl, who gave up drugs before Nirvana hit the big time, sings, ‘I think I lost my way. Getting good at starting over.’

4. Not Afraid, Eminem

Eminem has never been shy of expressing his feelings about what goes on in his life, but Not Afraid is a collaboration between Em, Boi-1da, Jordan Evans, Matthew Burnett, and Luis Resto. There’s a wealth of experience, and an acknowledgment that the recovery road is best traveled with friends: ‘Come take my hand, we’ll walk together through the storm.’

5. Sober, P!nk

This song is considered one of the best recovery songs because it outlines the benefits of being on the other side. She wrote the song after her own recovery when she was the only one sober at a party asking herself, ‘But how do I feel this good sober?’

6. By the Grace of God, Katy Perry

Katy’s song was actually written in the wake of her painful divorce and discusses her battle with suicidal thoughts. It sits well with songs about recovery from drugs though with inspiring lyrics such as, ‘I put one foot in front of the other, and I looked in the mirror and decided to stay.’

7. Mary Jane’s Last Dance, Tom Petty

One of the classic songs about addicts, Petty gives his addiction to marijuana a human form as Mary Jane. The song explores his mindset, and how difficult it was for him to give up his addiction.

You Are Not Alone

We hope that these songs about overcoming drug addiction help you to realize that you are not alone in the issues that you are facing. Addiction and substance abuse are common problems, but ones that can be overcome with the proper help.

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