The four-letter word that perfectly fits the meaning of the clever, witty, or sarcastic remark is “Quip”. Therefore, the last letter of this word is “P”.

The Use of Quip:

The word ‘quip’ can be used as a noun or a verb. The meaning of the quip reflects a witty remark.


Being a fated man, John ate wholeheartedly with a quip. (The use of quip in this sentence is in the form of a noun).

The Synonyms of Quip:

There are multiple synonyms of quip. The noun synonyms are witticism, pun, jest, joke, sally, pleasantry, epigram, repartee, bon mot, gag, banter, crack, aphorism, and wisecrack. The verb synonyms are pun, jest, joke, sally, banter, and wisecrack.

What Is a Four-Letter Word?

The phrase ‘four-letter word’ denotes the English language words which have four letters. These words are also considered profane that include slang terms or popular and common words for sexual activity, excretory function, and genitalia, or the terms that are related to hell, or slurs. The four-letter words are also referred to as “swear words”. Therefore, in short, this phrase is considered to be offensive, vulgar, and rude. This is because the four-letter words usually represent sex or other bodily functions that are private. The use of this term started in 1886 in Great Britain and the United States.

What is a Riddle Four-Letter Word?

A Riddle word is a word that you can write backward, forward, or even upside down and when we read the word from left to right, the word remains the same. An example of a riddle four-letter word is “NOON”. If you flip the word “Noon”, it will stay the same.

What is the meaning of the Last Letter of a Four-Letter Word?

Any written word has the last letter that takes position at the last. For example, a four-letter word is “Baby”. The last letter of “Baby” is “Y”. According to some research, the first and last letters are more important in a word rather than the central words. This is because of the fact that when we read something, we focus more on the first and last letters. Therefore, during reading, the different positions of the letters have different roles.

Examples of Funny Four-Letter Words:

There are various funny four-letter words, such as Blob, Plop, Drat, Bing, Dang, Grub, Knob, etc. The four-letter words are not always rude or offensive as there is a huge number of good four-letter words.