Wit is a virtue which everyone doesn’t get and being witty is a quality that everyone wants.  A person with intelligence or astuteness is called witty. Having a natural aptitude for using ideas and words inventively and quickly makes a person witty. A witty person is capable of thinking on their feet and come up with unique ideas.

Being witty comes with a lot of advantages. In a social setting, a witty person gets most of the attention, makes everyone laugh and is loved by everyone. They can connect easily with people by showing inventive and quick verbal behavior. A witty person is intelligent in both speech and writing. They are quick and clever in expression and perception. Being witty means not laughing at what you say and maintaining a straight face.

Witty people can talk and match their speech with the person they are conversing with. Coming up with creative and quick replies is another quality that makes them lovable. Being witty also means being a good listener. Witty people listen carefully and use the words of the person in different ways. They are able to think quickly and get the material from the conversation itself. Being witty in your conversations reflects your intelligence, humor, and knowledge. Body language is an important aspect of being witty. Right gestures and movements coordinated with the words can create a greater impact on listeners. Witty people generally tend to be casual while speaking as things come naturally to them.

Expressing your wit at the right places and right time can do you a world of good.