Developing your trait at being a witty person has some amazing benefits. You can literally win over people and be the center of attention in a room full of people. And apart from being the best person in the group you can also learn to see the world in a very different way.

Being witty also means you are exercising your brain to develop skills in vocabulary and also being a funny person at the same time.

So, without any delay, we have come up with the 7 benefits of being a witty person. 7

A sense of humor and wit is also a trait of being an excellent leader and getting people to like you more. And, who doesn’t want that?

It makes you more Likeable

Nobody likes a drag anywhere and wanting to be witty to overcome that title is perfectly fine. As a wittier person, you would be making people feel more comfortable around you without being socially awkward.

Being a socially awkward person doesn’t give out a good impression. To be morereliable start by being the fun person to be around with.

Being Witter Makes You More Humanized

One of the best parts of being witty is that it enables you to reach out to people and the environment around you. So, if you are a witty person it helps you humanize situations and makes you the bigger person.

It helps you to bond with situations and people in a more humane level. Wit helps you deal with situations and make people see the funnier side of it even when it is not.

Witty People Put People at Ease

Being a witty person also means that you will be the person to break through tension. You can easily neutralize a situation where there is tension. It helps you be a helpful friend. Being witty means you will be the person people turn to feel better.

Cutting the ice with wit means your first impression is going to be a great one and people will be more at ease around you.

Being Witty Helps You Build Trust

One of the easiest ways to win someone’s trust is to be witty and helpful. With an effective sense of wittiness, you can build trust with people and help you gain their friendship. It also means you are a very helpful friend to have.

If you are bland people will always think twice before talking to you and sharing their secrets. Being witty helps you make friends and gain their trust. It helps you build better relationships.

You Can Be Very Approachable

If you are witty person chances are you will a very approachable person. People will turn to you with their issues and also their good times. You can easily blend in among people and bedazzle them with witty replies.

If you are stuck up in how you think chances are people will not come to you for anything at all. Being witty means you are being approachable in more than many ways.

Wittiness Makes Your Brain Work Harder

In times of stress, you know that being a witty person helps you work your brain harder. It helps you deal with hard times and find your way through any situation through wit. Being witty means you will always see the glass half full instead of half empty.

Imagine you are stuck between two hard places but being witty would help you deal with the tough situation and lose your cool. That is what being witty all is about.

Wittiness Helps you be More Creative

Being witty also means that you will be tickling your creative bone. It helps you build your creativity and think out of the box. It also helps you to contribute in more than just a linear way but learns the art itself. Being witty means you are seeing the world through a whole different hourglass.


In the end being witty has a multitude of benefits. It puts you on the spot and helps you be the life of the party. It also contributes to extensive personal growth and wellbeing. It is one of the best traits to adopt in order to move ahead in life with flying colors.