Termites are notorious for being the “silent destroyers” that can wreak havoc on your property. Despite their small size, these insects can potentially cause extensive and expensive damage to your home or business. This article explores the crucial role of professional pest control services such as Forterra Pest Control in addressing termite issues. It also provides you information on termite behavior, and the various types that are commonly seen.

Deciphering Termite Behavior

Termites are social insects that reside in colonies ranging from a few hundred to millions of individuals. They primarily feed on cellulose-based materials, including wood, paper, and cardboard, making your property a prime target. These are cryptic creatures that tend to remain hidden within the structures they infest. Detecting an infestation early on is daunting due to its elusive nature and the substantial structural damage it can cause. Consequently, termite control becomes a critical concern for property owners.

Understanding Termite Varieties

Identifying the type of termite infestation is crucial for effective treatment. There are three primary types of termites:

Subterranean Termites: 

These termites live underground and construct mud tunnels to access above-ground food sources, such as the wooden structures of your home.

Drywood Termites: 

Drywood termites infest dry, sound wood and do not need contact with soil. They are notorious for damaging wooden furniture and structures.

Dampwood Termites: 

These termites prefer wood with high moisture content and are commonly found in decaying trees and moist wooden structures.

The Role of Professional Pest Control Services

Here are several compelling reasons for seeking professional assistance:

Precise Identification: 

Pest control experts can accurately identify the type of termite infestation, ensuring that the most effective treatment is administered.

Tailored Solutions: 

Professionals develop customized treatment plans based on the severity and type of infestation, addressing your specific termite troubles effectively.

Advanced Technology: 

Pest control companies utilize advanced technologies, such as termite detection devices, thermal imaging, and moisture meters, to pinpoint termite activity even in concealed areas.

Safe and Effective Treatment: 

Professionals have access to specialized pesticides and baits that are safe for occupants while deadly to termites. They also possess the expertise to apply these treatments correctly.

Long-Term Prevention: 

Pest control services not only eliminate existing infestations but also implement preventive measures to ensure that termites do not return.

Aspects of Termite Control Methods

Here are the various termite control methods employed by pest control services:

Liquid Termiticides: 

These chemicals are applied to the soil around your property’s perimeter or directly to infested wood, creating a barrier that termites cannot penetrate, effectively protecting your home or business.

Bait Stations: 

Strategically placed bait stations contain cellulose material laced with slow-acting toxins. Termites consume the bait and carry it back to their colony, gradually eliminating the entire population.

Heat Treatment: 

This method involves raising the temperature within an infested area to levels lethal to termites, making it highly effective for localized infestations.


A comprehensive treatment method that seals off the entire structure and introduces a gas to eliminate termites throughout the building.

Wood Preservative Treatments: 

As a preventive measure, wood preservatives can be applied to vulnerable wooden structures during construction or renovation to deter termites.

In summary, termite infestations can be a nightmare for property owners. Seeking the assistance of professional pest control services such as Forterra Pest Control is the most effective way to tackle termite infestations. From accurate identification to tailored solutions and the use of advanced technology, they have the knowledge and tools to combat termite troubles efficiently.