The footwear market is booming as a multi-billion dollar industry, which comes as no surprise, considering all of us need some kicks to get around.

But did you know that the type, style, and color of shoes you wear says a lot about you to the world? You’d be surprised to learn how much they reveal about your personality and tastes.

Here’s what your shoes say about you.

What Your Shoes Say About You: Types

Wondering what messages you’re sending to the world when you wear different types of shoes? Then keep reading!


You’re a dapper person who is very business-oriented. You’re hardworking, but you know how to have a good time still. Also, you’re probably on the more conservative side.

No matter what your personality’s like, it’s a strong one. Your Oxfords mean you’re here to get to business, and you’re here to do it right; you won’t stand for any nonsense. You have excellent style and impeccable taste, and you’re not afraid to show it.

If you’re a woman and wear Oxfords, then you’re showing you’re in charge and that you don’t find the man’s world to be daunting.


Loafers are the Oxford’s more laidback cousin, so chances are, you’re not a workaholic, but you still know when to dig in and get things done. While you enjoy style a lot, you also enjoy comfort. Loafers are perfect since they’re acceptable work shoes that you can put on and take off easily.

For women, wearing loafers show a bit of their tomboyish side. These shoes typically look more masculine than feminine, so it can show that you can play in the big leagues too.


Boots are super reliable, and so are you. No matter which type of boots you choose (ankle, knee-high, heeled, flat, etc.), you know you can count on them to not only flaunt your style but to dependably get you from point A to point B, no matter how far away you’re going.

Boots can be worn anywhere and protect your feet better than any other type of footwear. This shows that you’re practical and versatile, which means people may gravitate toward you whenever they’re in need.

Different styles of boots can further emanate your personality. For instance, if you wear combat boots, you’re showing you’re not someone to be messed with. But if you wear dainty, blinged out boots, then you’re showing you’re someone who highly values fashion.


If you wear flats a lot, this means you prefer cute styles over sophisticated or sexy ones. You’re also a no-nonsense person who doesn’t care for ostentatious things.

Since flats are very simple, your overall style is probably also very simple. But this doesn’t mean you don’t have good taste. You have the ability to take basic pieces and create ensembles that are stunning. This means you’re good at planning and paying attention to detail.


People who wear heels show that they’re willing to sacrifice comfort for beauty. You might be a little vain, but you’ve worked hard to get to where you are. The higher your heels, the more willing you are to show off your style.


If you wear running shoes while out and about, it says you’re an active person who doesn’t like to sit around. While you may not be someone who runs marathons, you still might be an avid tennis player or power walker.

Like wearing sneakers to the club? Then that says you don’t care about what’s in and you’d rather be comfortable instead.

What Your Shoes Say About You: Colors

Not only does the style of shoes you wear tell a lot about your personality, but the colors do as well. Here’s what it means when you pick various colors.


When you wear white, such as “witte sneakers” (as the Dutch would call them), it means you have a simple and optimistic outlook on life. You may also be a bit of a perfectionist; it takes lots of control and attention to keep your white shoes white, after all.


Red is the color of romance, so when you wear those bright-colored shoes, you’re oozing flirtiness and sexiness. No one wears this bold color on accident, so you’re looking to catch some eyes.


When you wear blue shoes, people will be drawn to you. It’s been proven that blue has a calming effect, which provides a sense of stability for those who look at it. Because of the effect it has, it’s an excellent color to wear to a job interview, since the staff present will automatically feel comfortable with you.


Wearing the color black means you’re practical and classy. This color goes with anything, and while it’s not bold in the way that red is, it still makes a statement. It says that you’re not willing to accept any nonsense and that you’re in charge.

Black also means you’re a very sensible person. This color goes with any other color, which means you can wear any outfit and your shoes will still match.


This color is the polar opposite of black and will definitely earn you the attention of any room you walk into. Yellow says that you’re a bubbly, energetic, and outgoing person that’ll befriend anyone. This makes you someone who enjoys being the center of attention.

Express Yourself Through Your Shoes

So are you surprised to learn what your shoes say about you? They may just be accessories to protect your feet as you walk around, but they’re so much more than that. They’re an extension of your personality, so make sure you pick the right ones to represent you as you’re out and about.

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