In recent years, blogging has become a lucrative business. It’s among the oldest and most popular forms of marketing. Anyone can become a blogger. All you need to do is start a blog and publish content. While thousands of blogs are created every year, only a few manage to rise like cream to the top.

What makes a blog successful

If you’ve been reading blogging guides, you’ve probably found a lot that is focused on getting a domain name, purchasing a hosting account, and all that technical stuff. While these things affect your blog, they do not have a great impact on the growth of your blog.

Instead of paying attention to such minor details, it’s important to focus on the components that will make your blog successful and figure out how you can implement these components into your blog. You shouldn’t be surprised to hear that revenue is an important success metric.

If you are running your blog like a business, you should be earning money. How much revenue you need to earn to be considered successful depends on your expenses. In short, if you have money left over after paying all your bills, you can consider yourself a successful blogger.

Other metrics include traffic, email subscribers and user engagement to name a few. However, it all depends on the goals you have set. Today, we are going to focus on traffic or your audience. Increasing your audience is one of the best ways to increase revenue. After all, you are spending countless hours creating content for your audience. Therefore, it’s important to learn how to attract an audience to your blog in 2020.

Definition of your target audience

Your target audience can be defined as a group of readers that can greatly benefit from your blog. They are the people who find your articles valuable and love your content.

Therefore, when creating content, keeping your target audience in mind is of utmost importance. Your target audience is important for a variety of reasons:

1.They help you create better content

According to experts, targeting a specific audience allows you to have a clear idea of what they need and want. Your target audience will be looking forward to your blog posts to find answers to their questions or problems. By being aware of who your target audience is, you’ll greatly enhance the value of your articles.

2.They keep coming back

Your success will be greatly determined by the readers who come back to your blog regularly. With this fact in mind, writing to help others solve their problems will make you successful in the long run. Your target audience will see the value in your blog posts and they’ll keep coming back for more. Your loyal readers will bring more readers to your blog and this will make your marketing activities easier.

Finding your niche

Knowing your target audience is critical for your success as a blogger. Knowing the people, you are writing for enables you to know their needs and fulfill them.

A niche is an area of interest. In general, having a niche helps you produce valuable content. Research shows that specialists in the digital world have higher chances of success than generalists. Unlike generalists, it’s quite difficult to replace specialists.

Once you’ve known your niche and target audience, how do you find them? We are going to answer this question by sharing a few great tools that will help you find your target audience. Let’s get started!


As the essay writer reports, Quora is one of the best platforms to find questions that are related to your niche. Since the platform is all about questions and answers, you can find lots of great solutions here. All you need to do is search for some basic questions related to your niche and discover what people are saying.

Responding to the question and guiding readers to your blog will help you increase traffic and revenue in the long run.

2.Google Search

Through a Google search, you can easily find your target audience quickly. Focus on looking for people who are interested in the information you’ve typed and not the information itself. It’s always important to research broadly before refining your findings

3.Social media platforms

Social media platforms have been taking over the world in the last few years. Today, almost everyone on the planet has an active social media account. By posting a question or interesting topic, you can easily find your target audience and direct them to your blog.

Also, actively participating in discussions and groups about topics that are linked to your niche will help you figure out topics you should cover and clearly understand your target market.

4.Other blogs

You need not spend a lot of time and energy reinventing the wheel. There are lots of successful bloggers who came before you. Taking your time to see what they are doing will help you increase your productivity and performance without much struggle. It’s best to focus on the top bloggers in our niche to avoid getting confused.


Forums play an important role for bloggers in many ways. It’s one of the best ways to find your target audience. In most cases, people use forums when they are seeking help or sharing information with others.

Forums will help you discover the topics that you should cover in your blog, the needs of your target audience, and how to solve them effectively. You’ll also discover some keywords that will help you rank higher on search engines.

Proven Blogging Tips

1.Prepare for the work ahead

Writing a blog is not as easy as it sounds. You should be prepared to work harder than any other blogger out there if you want to earn more. The more you write during the early stages, the quicker your audience will grow.

But you should be careful when writing to avoid sacrificing quality over quantity. Quality should be your top priority. It’s better to write a few high-quality articles than hundreds of low-quality articles.

As you keep on keeping on, you’ll develop and improve your writing skills. And this will pay off in spades. As you continue growing, always review your articles and update them.

2.Use quality images

According to online assignment help, images play an important role in a blog post. As the popular saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. They not only break writing but also attract readers to your post. Research shows that posts with images are 34 percent more likely to be shared and discussed than those without.

It would be best to use your photographs. But since time is not on your side, you should consider using licensed images. Some of the best sites to download high-quality pictures include Unsplash and Pexel to name a few.


To attract your readers, you’ll need to craft attention-grabbing headlines. Your headlines should be linked to your niche. As we said earlier, forums and social media platforms can help you figure out what you need to cover. Apart from creating valuable, persuasive, and organized content, your headline greatly determines the number of people who’ll read your post. Headlines can make or break your career.

4. SEO Title:

If someone found your page from SERP, the only thing visible to them is your SEO title. From the title they can guess about the whole content. So make a solid SEO title and use a proper length for it. Google does not show more than 50-60 characters. You may use an online character counter tool for this purpose so that your SEO title’s characters does not exceed the desired length.

5.Don’t be afraid to try

To become a successful blogger, you’ll have to experiment with new ideas. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. The most successful bloggers were once terrible bloggers. But how did they get to where they are today? By making a lot of mistakes and learning from them.

Even if you’ll fail a lot of times, there’ll always be something to smile about. Don’t play safe when you can increase your chances of success.


Anyone can become a blogger. But only a few make it to the top. By using these tips, you’ll also rise like cream to the top. Know your audience inside out and help them solve their problems. In the end, they will solve your problem.