There are so many ways to use google analytics and most of them are helpful to grow your business. The audience plays an important role in each marketing campaigns. If you know targeted audience then it’s a great way to grow your business.

While any visitor browsing your site, you can check details of that visitor in analytics and from that, you can analyze the behavior and interest of your audience. These reports are very useful to define a marketing strategy for your business.

Google analytics provides lots of reports to analyze your audience. You can make reports as per your customization in analytics. Big companies are always focused on the audience, if you know your audience then your business will definitely grow. Analytics is a great tool for analysis if you use it properly then it will help you a lot.

Why analyze audience?

To run your marketing campaigns successful, the targeted audience is a most important thing. To increase ROI of your business, the targeted audience is a most important thing. Nowadays Digital Marketing is a must for your business to stand in the competitive market.

Google analytics will give you all details of visitors who visit your site like the user’s device, location, language, which browser they are using, etc. You can see the journey of the visitor on the website, this will help you to optimize particular product page.

Analysis of audience will help you to define the brand of your business. In analytics, you can compare current and previous data of your audience and from this, you will know the behavior of the audience. So, analysis of audience is a most important thing.

Audience report in analytics:

Google Analytics provides each aspect of audience performance. In audience report, there is subsection as given in below image. Each section shows a different report.

In the overview section, you can see an overview of all reports as given below. You can see a real-time report of users, new users, sessions, page views, page speed, bounce rate and more.

Audience Section:

In this section, you can see unique users who visited your site with different time period like 1 day, 7 days, 14 days and 28 days. Through this reports, you can see how successful your campaigns run. Bounce rate will help to optimize your landing page.

Lifetime value:

This report is only for e-commerce sites and to see this report you have to enable e-commerce tracking in google analytics. This report shows the value of the user to your business.

Cohort Analysis:

In this section, you can see the reports related to a group of the user who have done some transactions at the same time. Through this report, you can know the cohort behavior of your user.


In this section, you can see reports as per audience defined by you. For this report, you should enable demographics and Interests reports in analytics.

User Explorer:

This section will show you the reports related to user behavior like the number of sessions, transaction, bounce rate, etc. This user behavior is isolated with client id and user id.


In this section, you can see the reports for age and gender. This reports will help you to analyze age group and gender and from that, you get an idea about the interest of people. In the overview section, you can see both reports as below.


This section gives data based on psychological behavior. You can see the reports based on the interest of a user. There are three subsections in the Interest section like Affinity Categories, In-Market Segments, and other categories. You can use secondary filters for more specification in this reports.


Reports related to location and language are available in this section. When you have an international business then you have can analyze reports based on different location and language and this analysis will help you to define the marketing strategy.


You can check reports related to new visitors and returning visitor in the Behaviour section. Though this reports you can analyze which kind of users makes the conversion. In a subsection of behavior section, you can get an idea about average sessions and page views for your site.


In this section, there are two subsections, browser & OS and Network. These reports are useful if your business related to technology or website development, etc. For which browser you need to optimize your site this decision you can take from this reports.


From which kind of devices your website is accessed, this information comes in this section. In the overview section, you can see a number of users from mobile, desktop and tablet. When going in devices subsection, you can see mobile device information.


In this section, you can create custom reports as per your dimension, matrices, etc. You can generate custom reports as per your business and website, this will give you a better analysis idea.


In this section, you can compare the data with your related industry data. Through this reports, you can analyze industry trends and according to that, you can set your goals.

User Flow:

User flow is a graphical representation of a user’s path on your site. You can know that from which page user landed then which pages they surfed and from which pages they left. Through this, you can optimize a landing page, product page, and exit page.

In Conclusion:

Audience reports are the best way to analyze audience performance for your website. This reports will help you define marketing strategies, optimize current advertising campaigns and website optimization. If you know your target audience then you can definitely grow your business. Nowadays, big companies are focusing on the audience because if you know your audience, then you can sell your product or services.

From which kind of channels you get more audience, this thing will help you to define campaigns and you can get a profit on money that you spend on advertising campaigns. There are so many Digital marketing service providers are available in the Market, you can contact them to grow your business. I hope you start the analysis of audience reports soon for your business. Hope this will help you. Happy Analysis..!