Trade shows generate over 12 billion US dollars in revenue and are one of the most profitable marketing strategies today. If you’re planning on marketing your business at a trade show near you, you’ll want to have a killer display that grabs attention. 

Looking for the best trade show display ideas for your team? Today’s businesses are exploring creative ways to add an innovative twist to their booths. Read on for ten brilliant ideas to design one of the best trade show booths this year. 

Benefits of a Trade Show Booth

Attending a trade show to market your business is a great way to gain new clients and spread brand awareness. When you set up a booth for your business, you’re getting the chance to meet thousands of new clients face-to-face. 

Trade shows can create a lasting impression when you promote your business with marketing expertise. You’ll be able to show a friendly face and customers can hear firsthand about the benefits of your business.

Why invest your marketing budget into a trade show? There are major benefits to setting up a trade show booth.

Lead Generation

Nearly 30% of B2B marketers use events for lead generation and sales. In the world of business, gaining new leads equals success.

This is why a major trade show can boost your business potential. Major shows will have hundreds of thousands of attendees, and you’ll have the chance to introduce your business to every passerby. 

Cost-Effective Marketing

US businesses spend up to 190 billion dollars each year on advertisements. When your small business is on a budget, it can be difficult to get a large return with a limited investment. But trade shows can be a cost-effective marketing strategy when done well. 

The cost for a booth and floor space will be much less than some marketing campaigns, and you’ll gain exposure to thousands of potential sales. It’s easy to find creative trade show booth ideas that are both inexpensive and effective. 

Level the Marketing Field

Marketing on any platform involves competition, but trade shows are one of the levelest playing fields. There’s a low-cost barrier to get involved, and your booth will have access to the same attendees as everyone else.

Even if your business is new and unknown, you can generate large numbers of sales and leads at a trade show. All it takes is the right amount of skill to put together a captivating booth design and captivate your audience.  

Ten Ideas for Creating the Best Trade Show Booths

Out of the thousands of trade show attendees, 92% are searching for new products. Since your booth will be sitting beside dozens of others, your goal is to capture the audience’s attention and entice them to approach your table.

How do you make this happen? You’ll need a killer strategy and an eye-catching booth. If you need ideas for trade show booth designs, here are 2019’s creative booth layouts to try. 

1. Make It Interactive

Today’s consumers are crazy about technology. This is why incorporating an interactive display will attract almost any crowd. You can set up an interactive screen that lets attendees post photos, play a game, or interact with your product. 

2. Create a Cozy Vibe

Setting up a real-life display doesn’t mean you have to sell furniture or home decor. You can design a space that feels cozy and inviting, just like a night-time cafe or living room. Tie the setting into your product and you’ll entice attendees to visit your space and learn about your products. 

3. Bring Your Booth to Life

Create an eye-catching display for your background by using a vertical garden. Set up a wooden pallet with air plants or bring in vertical shelving to display flowers and vines. When attendees see the vibrant life at your booth, they’ll be curious to check it out. 

4. Host a Photo-Booth

A fun way to invite attendees to engage with your booth is to host a photo-booth in your space. You can design a fun backdrop that promotes your brand and allows customers to take selfies and tag your business in them. It’s a great marketing technique to generate leads and promote your business on social media. 

5. Make It a Maze

It can get boring when most booths use the same standard layout. To grab your audience’s attention, try creating a “maze” of displays that force visitors to walk around and explore every angle of your space.

6. Let Them Lounge

Trade show attendees will spend hours on their feet, so you can try setting up a lounge space that offers relaxation and company information. Set up various couches and chairs, and while customers are resting they can learn about what your business has to offer. 

7. Use a Light Installation

Incorporating a light installation adds a special ambience that will make your booth stand out. Use different colors or customize your lights to change according to traffic flow. 

8. Design Custom Printed Flooring

Using the floor as an added way to promote your business is both creative and ingenious. Visitors will admire the unique design of your space and it will encourage them to learn more about your business. 

9. Add a Game

Adding a game or competition to your booth will attract crowds and give them a memorable experience. You can create a game that incorporates your products or offers promotional products as rewards to winners. 

10. Offer a Mobile Beverage Service

Attendees get thirsty after walking around at an event. This is why offering a mobile beverage service will show your company’s intuitive ability to care for its customers. You can hand out water bottles with your company’s logo or provide coffee served in travel mugs labeled with your brand. 

Tips to Follow for an Effective Design

If this is your first time participating at a trade show event, you don’t need to go in feeling unprepared. A successful trade show experience means you’ll need to put time and energy into a plan. If you want the best trade show booth, follow these six steps to create a killer design. 

Focus on Functionality

Before you begin, you need to know your marketing goal. If your goal is to sell products, you’ll need a booth that enhances your products. If your goal is to boost brand awareness, you’ll need ways to let attendees learn about your business. 

Once you know your goal, you can start planning out your booth’s functional needs. You might need a backdrop for displays or storage for extra products. You might need chairs for customers or a way to display brochures. 

Use Your Space Well

After you’ve mapped out your functional needs, you need to look at measurement requirements. How big is the space that you’ve rented and what are the measurements of your tables? 

Some events will have rules that limit your floor space or design. Check that you’re allowed to bring the equipment you’ve planned for before starting on your design. Your goal is to use your space in the best way possible so that it flows well.  

Think About Your Products

As you put your products out for display, make sure your layout will enhance them. Don’t overload your tables with cluttered items and put a price tag on every item. Try out convention booth ideas that complement your product design. 

You can use clothes hangers, shelves, cake stands, and pallets to add variety to your display. Think horizontally and vertically to see which way your product should be laid out. 

Remember: You’re Selling an Experience

Your booth represents your company’s brand and message. This means your booth’s design should offer a positive experience to every visitor. 

Tell your brand’s story through visuals. You can use signs to explain information and use display products to tie in your brand. Make sure to approach each customer if you can, and always restock when products get low. 

Provide Your Contact Information

The final step to creating an effective booth is to include business cards that have your company’s contact information. Display them on your table and hand them out in person. You can even exchange contact information while you’re talking with an attendee. 

Prepare to Promote

An eye-catching booth is a great opportunity for marketing your business. You’ll generate new leads and sales, and visitors will remember the experience they had with your display. 

Designing the best trade show booths needs careful planning and a creative eye. You can try new designs that surprise event attendees and put you ahead of your competition. 

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