It is not a secret that children love games, and crosswords do belong in that category. Kids find this activity fun and, if you manage to spur their interest genuinely, word puzzles will be an amazing alternative to watching TV or playing on a smartphone.

Crosswords can be beneficial for children in multiple ways, including boosting their learning, memory, and other mental skills. Let’s take a look at the six major advantages of crossword games for kids.

1.Take Spelling Skills to the Next Level

School teaches us about certain spelling rules, but it takes time to master them. Crosswords are an excellent way to practice those rules and apply them numerous times. By repeating these guidelines in practice, children will improve their spelling skills with each completed crossword.

It is also vital to mention that it is not easy to make learning attractive to children. However, if kids like solving crosswords, they can improve their mental abilities without even realizing that. It will be a fun activity for them, but it will benefit them in the long run.

As for spelling, the crucial thing is that crosswords require every letter to be properly positioned. It is the only way to get to the final solution, which means children will have to think about the rules they know and see which to apply. Some words will probably repeat themselves over time, which increases the chances they will memorize their spelling for life.

2. Kids Will Become Better at Problem Solving Source:

Problem-solving is a complex ability that includes several different skills, such as assessing potential options and coming up with creative solutions, as well as making a decision. All these are applied when a child solves a word puzzle.

For starters, kids will read available hints to collect information about the problem (crossword) they have to solve. They will need to analyze potential solutions, and perhaps come up with some creative variants, but also keep in mind that the letters and words should fit properly. Based on their assessment, the time will come to make a decision that will solve the problem. It is a process that children will repeat over and over again, and that will prepare them to handle real-life problem solving better. 

3.A Fun Activity That Boosts Confidence

Here is a thing that we should have put at the number one spot because it is not easy to find an activity that allows children to learn and have fun at the same time. Crosswords fit that description as many kids love solving them. If you have problems getting your child interested in the puzzles, try with a particular theme or make solving crosswords a social activity. Invite your kids’ friends or solve them as a family.

We shouldn’t underestimate that this activity can also boost the confidence of a child. Even when you are adult, completing a crossword gives you a sense of pride and satisfaction. Now, imagine how happy a child may feel when they manage to finish the puzzle. It is an important way to give them energy for various challenges in life, but also teach them that they can overcome them if they make an effort.

If you see that the crossword is too difficult for your child, make sure to help them at some point. In situations when you are not sure of the solution, check Quick Tips or the key to the particular crosswords you are solving. 

4.It Can Improve Memory and Thinking Speed

You can find numerous studies that confirm solving crosswords can help to keep your mind sharp at a later age. That is why it is vital to start with word puzzles as early as possible. These will help to maximize both short-term and long-term memory potential, as well as thinking speed. It is even more important that crosswords are what can keep your mind sharp over time.

When it comes to children, each time they solve a crossword, they will need to recall the words they have previously stored in their memory. As they get more experienced in doing word puzzles, they will also learn to access their memory faster, which will boost their thinking speed. That will immensely help with various tasks that they need to do at school.

5.Crosswords Are a Perfect Activity for Travels

You shouldn’t neglect that crosswords are an activity that is also suitable for vacations and travels. It is a perfect way to keep the child engaged during a long car trip to your desired destination.

If you need to spend hours in the vehicle, it may be a good time to embrace technology. The old-fashioned pen and paper way is inconvenient for solving crosswords while traveling, and having a word puzzle app might be a better option.

6.They Can Lead to Better Results at Tests

Let’s look back at what we have covered in this article so far. For starters, children will improve their spelling skills, as well as expand their vocabulary. Additionally, they will nurture a healthy approach to problem-solving, which includes persistence and analyzing different aspects of a problem to come up with the right decision. Finally, the fact that they selected the correct answer will boost the kids’ self-esteem and make them more confident for the next puzzle.

The things that we mentioned above are what enables children who solve crosswords to perform better at tests. They will see the tests as another puzzle to solve, and they will approach it the same way. The quick thinking they developed will additionally contribute to finding the right solution and being confident in the answers given.


Generations of children have grown up with solving crosswords as one of their favorite activities. There is no reason for that tradition to stop now, especially since scientists confirmed that words puzzles are beneficial for kids’ development. As you can see, crossword solving has many potential advantages, which is why your child should start with this activity today. It is both educational and fun, and a perfect way to challenge a young mind!