Johnny Jett is an American reality TV star, craftsman, and astonishing painter who became a celebrity and a popular figure for DIY projects mainly after his appearance in Barnwood Builders on Discovery channel. In this American documentary TV series (Barnwood Builders), Johnny Jett and his team convert historic log houses and barns into modern usable houses.

He also appeared in multiple other DIY shows on Magnolia Network which was earlier DIY Network. Besides DIY projects, Johnny is also known for his artwork. His paintings mainly reflect nature, wooden houses, and his profession as a craftsman. He has a website for his artworks ( from where people can purchase his original art prints. His current net worth is assessed to be around $ 400,000. A few years ago, his death rumors started circulating on multiple social media platforms. So, was that true? Stay tuned with us to know everything about Johnny Jett.

NameJohnny Jett
ProfessionReality TV star, Craftsman, Painter
Date of BirthApril 24, 1949
Place of BirthChicago, Illinois, USA
Popular forAppearance in Barnwood Builders
Johnny Jett Net Worth$ 400,000
Salary$ 50,000

Johnny Jett Wiki/Bio

Johnny Jett was born on 24th April 1949 in Chicago, Illinois, USA. He was brought up in Chicago and probably went to a school there. However, we do have not much information about his education. During his young age, he used to stay with his father Gene, his mother Leota, and a brother, Eugene in Chicago. Johnny worked as a maintenance worker there for 25 years.  He lost his parents in the 90s and finally, when his brother Eugene died in 1994, he decided to move to West Virginia for better work opportunities. In West Virginia, he joined Mark Bowe and Sherman Thompson’s company and started creating antique barns and cabins in 1998.

There he got recognition for his craftsmanship and a chance to appear in the documentary TV series, Barnwood Builders. As of 2023, he is a happy and healthy person at his 74-year-old age. Since the beginning of the show in 2013, he has been a crucial member of Barnwood Builders. Apart from this TV series, he spends his time in painting and crafts works. Even though fans want to know more about Johnny Jett, he avoids seeking social media attention.

Johnny Jett and Barnwood Builders

Before getting the limelight for Barnwood Builders, Johnny Jett already had a great experience in woodwork. He used to work as a barn builder and woodworker In Mark Bowe’s company. His excellence in woodwork helped him to get people’s appreciation for his craftsmanship as well as the attention of the producers of Barnwood Builders. In 2013, Barnwood Builders producers called him and discussed about this TV series project. After listening to the idea of the project, Johnny happily grabbed the offer of the Barnwood Builders to join the team.

Johnny found a platform to showcase his talent and years of experience in woodworking and soon, he became a significant member of Barnwood Builders. To date, 15 seasons of Barnwood Builders have been aired on the Discovery Channel, Magnolia Network, and Great American Country and Johnny was there in every season.

In this reality documentary show, the Barnwood Builders team go to different remote places in West Virginia with the aim to convert old log cabins and barn houses into modern buildings. Mark Bowe’s West Virginia company had a great role in making the Barnwood Builders show. His company procures log cabins and old barns and reuses them in modern buildings. The main aim of his team is to restore the pioneer era structures in the eastern part of the USA.

From Season 3, Mark Bowe became the producer of the show. The Barnwood Builders team has multiple members, including Mark Bowe (Season 1-Present), Sean McCourt (Narrator), Johnny Jett (Season 1-Present), Sherman Thompson (Season 1-Present), Graham Ferguson (Season 1-Present), Tim Rose (Season 1-Present), Brian Buckner (Season 1-2), and Alex Webb (Season 3-Present).

This documentary TV series has been a massive hit not only in America but also in other parts of the world. Besides old house renovation, the Barnwood Builders team also shows their interest in history. As a crucial member of the cast, Johnny Jett operates heavy machinery in the show to tear down barns, and roof metals, and collapse the old houses like an art. However, while destroying old houses, he carefully preserves the antique artworks and old furniture.

Johnny Jett Death Rumor

A few years ago, a rumor of Johnny Jett’s death started circulating on the Internet and this news shocked many of his fans. However, this was completely a rumor. The main reason behind the spread of this rumor is a person with the same name passed away. People thought that the person was Johnny Jett from Barnwood Builders and they would never be able to see him again in the show. In reality, Johnny Jett is still alive and living a healthy and productive life at the age of 74. He is still working as a vital member of the show.

Johnny Jett Art Work

Johnny Jett is also an astonishing painter and he has been painting for several years. He has a website, for his artwork. You can visit the website to purchase his original art prints. You can also purchase his artwork from Amazon and other websites.

Johnny Jett’s Wife and Personal Life

Johnny Jett lives with his wife Donna in West Virginia. Other than this, we do not know anything about his personal life. Some years ago, he shared a photo with a little child and his fans speculated that the child is his grandson. However, we have no authentic information to back this speculation. While Johnny is active on Reddit, he only prefers to talk about his professions and paintings.

Johnny Jett’s Net Worth

Johnny Jett has a net worth of approximately $400,000. His current annual income is about $50,000. While the documentary TV show, Barnwood Builders is the main source of his income, his artworks also contribute to his net worth. As of 2023, most of his paintings cost around $95.

Wrap Up

Johnny Jett is a multi-talented person. More than his talent, Johnny is a perfect example of a relentless work ethic and great determination. He is not only a skillful craftsman but also a person who continues to work hard. As long as the show, Barnwood Builders would be produced, Johnny would surely be a vital member of the show, if he stays healthy. Johnny Jett once said, “We just love saving history and making a living. If you can make a living and love what you’re doing, you’re doing better than most people”.

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