Mark Schwahn’s comedy series “The Royals” received much love and appreciation from different parts of the world since the release of its first season in 2015. However, this comedy show on the illusory British royal family got cancelled after its fourth season in 2018, despite they had a script for the fifth season. The unexpected cancellation of the show not only upset many fans from all over the world but also disappointed the show star, Elizabeth Harley.

Why did the Royals team suddenly decide to cancel the Royals Season 5? Will there be a new season in recent future? Elizabeth Harley is certainly not hopeful about the renewal of the fifth season on E!. Continue to read this article to know everything about the Royals Season 5 release date.

The RoyalsComedy Drama TV Series
DirectorMark Schwahn
Country of OriginThe USA
Original LanguageEnglish
Based onFalling for Hamlet by Michelle Ray
Original NetworkE!
Number of Seasons4
Number of Episodes40
Release DateMarch 15, 2015 – May 13, 2018

Will There Be The Royals Season 5?

The Royals is a slack adaptation of Michelle Ray’s 2011 novel, Falling for Hamlet. In March 2014, E! Networks announced to make “The Royals” series and the shooting started in June 2014 and finally, on March 15, 2015, the first season of “The Royals” premiered on E!. This TV series continued for four seasons and the last episode was aired on May 13, 2018.

Release Dates of The Royals Seasons:
SeasonsEpisodesFirst AiredLast Aired
110March 15, 2015May 17, 2015
210November 15, 2015January 17, 2016
310December 4, 2016February 19, 2017
410March 11, 2018May 13, 2018

The glamorous and dark side of the illusory British family was something that really entertained the fans throughout the four seasons. While the viewers had certain expectations for the next season, The Royals team suddenly announced the official cancellation of the TV series on August 17, 2018. So, what actually happened that the production team had to make this sudden decision?

Why Was The Royals Season 5 Cancelled?

The main reason behind the cancellation of The Royals season 5 was the widespread sexual harassment acquisitions against the show creator, Mark Schwahn. On 12th November 2017, an American TV writer, Audrey Wauchope twitted that Mark sexually harassed her and another female writer while they were working on “One Tree Hill”. Later, the cast members of “The Royals” also accused him of doing so. Soon after this, twenty-five female members of The Royals’ cast and crew team released their open letters claiming that Mark sexually harassed all of them during the shooting of the show. Because of these allegations, Mark Schwahn got fired from the show. Then, The Royals team also decided to cancel the show.

Elizabeth Harley’s Interview on The Royals Season 5

In 2019, when Elizabeth Harley went to the late-night interactive talk show “Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen”, Cohen asked the actress about her opinion on the unexpected ending of “The Royals”. Harley clearly stated that the conclusion of the show was disappointing and unexpected. According to her, there would surely be The Royals season 5 to offer a proper finish to the storyline. She also recognized the fans’ disappointment and empathized with them.

The Storyline of The Royals

The Royals depicts the dark side of the illusory British royal family. The central revolves around how different members of the family started fighting for the throne after the demise of Robert. You can see an aggressive rivalry building up within the family over the throne. However, to preserve the King’s throne and maintain the royal family’s reputation, the Queen and the King’s brother always worked together.


There are plentiful characters in The Royals. We have mentioned some notable characters of the show and their cast below.

Elizabeth HurleyQueen Helena Henstridge
Vincent ReganKing Simon Henstridge
Jake MaskallPrince Cyrus Henstridge
William MoseleyPrince Liam Henstridge
Princess Eleanor HenstridgeAlexandra Park
King Robert HenstridgeMax Brown
Sir Jasper FrostTom Austen
Ted PryceOliver Milburn
Ophelia PryceMerritt Patterson
Genevieve GauntWilhelmina “Willow” Moreno

Watch All The Royals Seasons on Amazon Prime Video

You can find all the seasons of “The Royals” on various platforms, such as Amazon Prime Video, Amazon Video, Apple iTunes, Google Play Movies, The Roku Channel, Vudu, Redbox, Fandango, and FILMRISE.

As The Royals got terminated in 2018, it’s very unlikely to get a further season of the show. However, many TV shows around the globe actually got revived after cancellation. Therefore, the only way we can have The Royals Season 5 is if any production house decides to revive this TV series.