With the growing concern for critical health issues, and environmental and animal welfare, the demand for chicken substitutes is growing rapidly. People are seeking alternatives to animal-based products that are as tasty as the originals. Considering this increasing demand for vegan food alternatives, food business owners are becoming more creative and innovative. You can find different innovative vegan recipes that can compete with the meat platters in terms of taste. The number of trends in the vegan food world is significantly increasing and growing popular. In this context, this article will provide an informative account of chicken substitutes and their current trends. 

Overview of Chicken Substitutes 

Chicken substitutes are the types of foods that are created through non-animal ingredients but have a similar taste and texture to chicken. These substitutes mimic the flavour of chicken and you can prepare dishes that taste like chicken through them. Here are some popular chicken alternatives that you can try out. 

  • Seitan: This is currently one of the most popular vegan alternatives for chicken. You can find this wheat product in slices, cubes or stripes in the market. The main component of this food product is wheat gluten flour and it closely mimics the texture of meat. You can prepare delicious dishes with seitan and can have a similar taste to chicken. 
  • Tofu: This is another well-known chicken alternative and has a great demand among vegan consumers. It is a delicious vegan substitute for almost any type of meat. You can also see different tofu dishes in restaurants and food stalls. You can prepare tofu in different innovative ways including tofu nuggets and barbecue tofu. Most of the meat lovers also have a weak spot for tofu dishes. 
  • Soy Curls: Soy curls are actually non-GMO soybeans that have no chemicals or preservatives. They are dehydrated products and come as strips. Trust me when I tell you they actually taste like chicken if you can prepare in a creative way. Soy curls are full of soy protein and omega-3 that keep you healthy. 

Current Market Trends 

Chicken substitutes have become extremely popular in the current market situation. Social media is going crazy about the popular trends in the vegan world. Check out some of these trends.

  • More Realistic Substitutes of Meat: Currently there is a good number of meat substitutes available in the market that mimic the actual taste and texture of meats. From burgers and sandwiches to kebabs, nuggets, and meatballs, everything is possible with the current meat substitutes. 
  • Vegan Seafood: Vegan food alternatives have reached beyond chicken, mutton or beef. You can now find different plant-based alternatives of seafood including tuna, fish and even crabs. The taste is also so close to the original seafood that it will amaze you. 

Non-Dairy Cheese: This is among the latest trends in the vegan food market. The advancement of food technology allowed the food industry to produce vegan cheese that replicates the exact texture and creaminess of actual cheese. In future, there is the possibility of more advanced alternatives that will surpass the non-vegan platters.