Are you living in a home that is 100+ years old and you haven’t considered installing new Oakville windows and doors? Or are your windows and doors not opening well? Or perhaps, you have recently noticed your energy bills have been increasing every month, and you cannot explain that trend.

If the answer to the above questions is yes, then you should consider replacing your windows and doors. According to Oakville windows and doors, here are some things you should look at to identify when to replace windows and doors Oakville.

1. You Can Feel Draft of Cold or Warm Hair

Living in your home should be enjoyable. However, how can that be possible if you can feel cold or hot hair coming through your Oakville windows and doors? Drafty doors and windows imply that you have a big issue. When your doors and windows are shut, there shouldn’t be cold or hot air coming in through them.

One thing that most homeowners do when they notice this is to install a weather-stripping. However, this is a short-term solution. The best solution and permanent one is to consider the complete replacement of your windows and doors.

2. Your Doors and Windows Can’t Open

Doors are supposed to offer protection for your family from would-be intruders and also offer safe emergency exits in case of a fire outbreak in your home. So, if they are not opening or sticking, the two purposes are compromised. These elements should open and close with ease. The door or window must remain open when you want and close it at your will. If it cannot remain open, it means it has lost its balance, and if this happens, it can be a potential danger. It does compromise not only the security of your home but also its ease of clean and energy efficiency. For instance, you can get hurt by a window that closes unintentionally when cleaning it.

If your windows aren’t operating properly, it is time to consider replacements and save yourself disappointments and possibly fatal accidents.

3. You Can See Light Penetrating Through Your Doors Or Window Sill

When you close your window or door, you shouldn’t see any light coming through the sill. Similarly, when you close your doors, you shouldn’t see the light penetrating your room through the frame or threshold. Note that if light can enter chances are other undesirable elements such as insects, rodents, water and drafts can as well. If currently, this is the case in your home, you should consider Oakville windows and doors.

4. Condensation Occurs Between the Windows Panes

Normally, double and triple-pane windows come with a layer of inert gas between the glasses that enhances the insulation properties of the window. If you see condensation occurring in between the glass panes, then it means the insulation is compromised. Therefore, you should consider a replacement.

5. Your Energy Utility Bills Have Been Rising

Old or improperly functioning Oakville windows and doors can compromise the energy efficiency of your home. They allow drafts to get into your home and affect the optimal conditions in your home. To check the temperature in your house, you have to keep your HVAC system running, and for longer hours than usual. This will definitely shoot up your energy consumption.

To lower your heating and cooling costs, you should consider replacing your doors and windows with the most energy-efficient units.

6. Your Doors and Windows Are Just Evidently Old and Ugly

Doors and windows play an essential role when it comes to the curb appeal of a home. If you haven’t replaced yours for the last two decades, there is no doubt you don’t like their appearance and given an opportunity you would replace them right away with newer ones.

The new units will definitely transform the appearance of your home. What’s more, is that they come with more benefits in terms of security and energy efficiency.

The above signs will show you when to replace windows and doors.