Ransomware is one of the fastest-growing security threats around the world as nearly a company is hit by a ransomware attack every 40 seconds, and these attacks are growing at a phenomenal rate. Ransomware is a very big problem as not only it renders your data inaccessible, but business owners lose the peace of mind knowing that the years of struggle that they put into their business were made obsolete in a second. Where there are ways to protect your business from a ransomware attack, you need to make sure that you know what to do to prevent a ransomware attack. 

Back-Up Your Files

The most efficient way to ensure that you don’t lose more than momentary peace is by backing up your files. A ransomware attack is used to get access to important files and extort businessmen into giving money in return for their files. No matter what anyone tells you, having a backup of your files outwits your attackers as even if you lose your data, you can easily recover it through backups. So, you should backup all your data daily so that you won’t be forced into a situation where you have to pay any money. 

The most common method a hacker uses to infect his victims with ransomware is by using phishing emails. Hackers spam the employees of a company with emails that carry some kind of malicious attachments. You must instruct all your employees to be wary of such attachments and never click on a URL that seems suspicious. You can ask your IT experts to send them random phishing emails and turn the activity into a game. When it becomes a part of your business culture, your employees can be trained in a better way.

Limit the Scope of an Attack

As a part of your resolution, your aim should not only be to prevent an all-out attack but to make sure that even if the hackers do pass by your security protocols, you don’t suffer a lot of damage in return. This begins with having the right kind of tools in your arsenal that can identify the patterns leading up to a ransomware attack. There are lots of systems that give users the benefit of identifying attacks and automatically isolating the affected files so that the ransomware is limited to a few files. 

Penetration Testing

We all know that having an online image of your business is a must in today’s world. Companies need to ensure that they are doing everything in their power to protect their organizations. As most of these companies already have some kind of features in place, they can implement some additional steps to future proof their IT structure. Companies can use certain methods to find how hackers can crawl into their systems or use brute force to bypass their firewalls and protective applications so that the IT department knows the weak links within their system.