We all know that there is a huge enjoyment in watching free movies. Netflix, Amazon prime, HBO go all are having premium services for which you need to pay. You have to renew the membership to get the better services of the websites.

But we are here today to tell you about the free websites for movies. You may have landed with us for the best such websites, so here is a guide. They are your ultimate source of entertainment and gives you all features that will make you feel the movies best. Most importantly all of them are legal and not at all objecting the rules and regulation.

It is a very important issue as there are huge numbers of websites which may not be legally permitted in many countries. They cause many issues while you start watching the movies.

So we have just removed that point from our list. All of the website mentioned here are legal and can be a ultimate source for your entertainment.

15 best website for free movies streaming and download.

Here are they:

1.The internet Archive

Internet Archive

  • This websites gives you web based services
  • Huge collection of the classic movies, music, audio files, texts, photos
  • Good collection of movies if you are loving the old ones
  • This free movie streaming Website offers torrent downloads too


  • No ads disturbs you
  • Navigation is crystal clear with user friendly user interface


  • It gets slow while downloading in some of the torrents.


  • The common platforms where it can be used are web based, iOS, Android, Fire TV, gaming consoles
  • Very common and most of the people are acquainted with it.
  • Get access of the public domain movies.
  • Even it is the easiest option for free movie download .
  • Third party downloading tools can be easily used.
  • Huge collection and best to watch anything you like.


  • Can be watched on any platforms
  • Streaming is totally issue less
  • Content is varied


  • There are ads which keep son disturbing.

3.Retro vision


  • This is another free movie streaming website with a large collection of movies and TV Shows.
  • Best for the Android app and the web based services
  • Even a good platform to watch the TV shows
  • You can get variety of collection which are often updated on regular basis.
  • No ads to disturb your movies entertainment.
  • Easy searching over the website with the search field
  • An app can help you get the movies on the go easily.


  • No ads
  • Huge collection to compete with others
  • Get a great collection of Hollywood movies.


  • Sometimes no updation is done.


  • It is best for the windows, Android and iOS platform
  • Only the best movies are available over the website
  • Besides being free, it is also having a paid service too, but the free version is enough to fulfill the entertainment
  • Create a free account to start watching movies over Vudu.


  • User interface is friendly one and is polished too.
  • You can easily get the big budget movies over the website
  • The collection is often updated, so you get the new movies too.


  • A profile needed to be created for watching the movies.



  • Best for watching both the movies and the TV series.
  • Famous TV series can be easily watched over this website
  • Different genres are classifies to get the movies fast.
  • Video hosting can be done by the third part platform
  • Need to create a profile and then watch the movies or series.


  • Downloading movies is totally free
  • Huge collection of movies.
  • A watch list can be created to choose movies.


  • Issues may arise that they are fixed
  • Need to create a profile


  • The platforms which are supported are the android, iOS, web based, media streamers.
  • Not only TV shows and movies, they also gives you access to the TV series too.
  • It is entirely free of any charge
  • Get to watch the new and fresh released movies
  • Also get the best international movies too.
  • Get to access it from any place of the world.


  • User interface is just to be helpful for any users
  • Original content is uploaded without any charge
  • Anime fans can be happy at their collections.


  • Well, reviews tell it is the best and no cons has been found.

7.Yahoo views

Yahoo Movie

  • It is entirely web based
  • Original content uploaded free of charge
  • A collection includes movies, TV shows, documentaries and TV shows too.
  • Browsing of the movies is quite easy


  • Popular titles are easily accessible
  • Huge collection with wide variety.
  • No limitation in streaming the movies.


  • Only available to the United States. But VPN can be used for the access



  • It is considered best alternatives for the YouTube viewers
  • Platform commonly supported are the web based, windows, iOS, and Android.
  • Independent filmmakers prefer this website as best to show their creation.
  • Quality of the image of the movies is HD and 4K
  • Besides the free ones, it is also having paid version too.


  • If you like the Independent film, it is the best place to watch them
  • User interface is high polished


  • Collection is somewhat limited.


  • Mostly supported by all platforms
  • Considered best among the free movies downloading websites
  • Bring an app too for movies on go


  • Contents are mainly in HD
  • In free version it is having more than 100 choices
  • No ads to annoy you.


  • Only available to the US and Japan viewer only.

10.Classic cinema online

Classic Cinema Online

  • It is only web based website
  • A great place to look for older and classic movies
  • Blog to guide viewers about what and which one to watch.
  • Movies can be brought form YouTube so no issues in viewing.


  • Navigation is ultimately clean
  • Huge classic collection


  • No mobile version or smaller screen version.

11.Popcorn Flix

  • It is supported by the android and the iOS and also web based too.
  • You can also get the old and low budget films over this website too.
  • Different genres classified in different categories.
  • No sign up required watching movies.


  • Huge selection of movies.
  • Classic and newer tittles
  • No ads to disturbs you.


  • Not available over the globe.

12.Movies found online

Movies Found Online

  • It is web based website
  • Huge variety of content
  • Different categories made to search out the various movies.
  • Easy preview of the contents.


  • Variety of contents
  • Often updated with fresh content.
  • Get to have new content easily.


  • Ads and pop- ups can be quite annoying.

13.Open culture

Open Culture

  • Web based platform supported
  • A great source of independent movies
  • The quality of the videos is of HD
  • Home page has a huge collection.


  • Error free streaming
  • No ads and pop ups
  • Huge collection.


  • User interface is bit confusing.

14.Pluto TV

  • Web based and also supported by the common platforms like android, iOS and windows.
  • Free streaming of the movies.
  • You can get all options: news. Movies, tech, sports for the streaming.


  • User interface is excellent
  • TV interface is the traditional ones.


  • All accessible for the entire world.



  • Web based and supported by the iOS and Android platforms
  • It is considered the content rich libraries.
  • Account need to be created to watch the movies
  • App available to watch over the mobile devices.


  • User interface is easily navigable
  • Streaming is quite smooth.


  • Ads and pop-ups can be annoying & not available for all region.

You can checkout this new movie streaming site

Go Movies

Go Movies

Go movies the new alternative 123movie site.


  • You can watch HD movies without registration
  • Hassle-free for streaming.No pop up Ads will irritate you.


  • Nothing found yet.


So here are the best free movie streaming & download websites which can be the best ones to provide you the entertainment.

Try these websites and let me know what you have experienced about the websites.