Over 56.1% of the world’s population has access to the internet these days and over 81% in developed countries. It has also been noticed that a significant amount of people have been using the internet to call and communicate with friends and family. It is possible because of Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) services. It allows us to make a call over internet instead of analog phone calls. This technology converts our voice (Analog Signals) to Digital signals and sends it as packets to the receiver using modulation technique. The reverse technique demodulation take place to the receiver end and convert the digital packets to analog signal again.

It has such benefits over analog calls like voice quality, lower cost. The only con of this technique is that you need high speed internet connection for calling.

Today, through this article, you will come to know about the 12 best free calling websites (only some minutes per day) which are available in the market.

Take a look at these in detail!

1. Google Voice

This is one of the best applications which is available in the grasp of people to make free calls with internet’s help. It allows people to make free phone calls to any phone number from one’s PC as well as PC to any other computer. 

What makes it unique is its ability to run on computer and mobile both. Also, I can forward calls to existing phone number and includes voicemail. You can download the Google voice app from play store and iStore for personal use. But it is only available in U.S., if you are from outside U.S. then you need to install Hangout to make a call. It is totally free for maximum places in US and Canada but you have to pay per minute if you belong outside US. Learn more about Google Voice here.

2. Freecall

Free Call

This is another application which can be downloaded in an individual’s PC, which would allow one to make calls for free to over 50 destinations. A total of 300 minutes is offered to call for free in a week. However, unused minutes can’t be forwarded. After that you need to buy credit to continue calling.

Moreover, it allows people to make a trial call before to check everything before they download this application on their computer.

3. EvaPhone

EvaPhone is another remarkable website which makes this top 12 list which allows people to make free phone calls through the Internet. This website offers several VoIP call ability that lets a person call from PC to phone anywhere in the world.

Yes, this is one of the few websites which have no pre-destined calling places and allows international access. However, the only thing people need to keep in mind is that a free call’s duration completely depends on which country a person is calling and that line provider. EvePhone provides a limited number of calls with 1-2 minutes free talk per day for an user IP. This option is not available for all countries but you can get the facility and make a call to U.S., U.K., India, Pakistan.

4. Textnow


This one allows its users to make unlimited free calls as well as texts in US and Canada. All one requires is to download this application in his/her computer and open a free account which makes one eligible for a free phone number. All one requires is internet connection to make a call or text their friends and family. Also, this company allows its users to utilize one number for multiple devices. What unique is this app allows people to call over 230 nations for a wide coverage. You have a chance to use a trial package on a number; if you like their service then you may switch to their premium packages.

5. Dingtone

This is another website which permits a person to call any country. This website allows one to make calls using one’s computer as well as their mobile device. Users can call numerous international destinations after one downloads this app and get his/her free Dingtone mobile number. Without any Sim card you can use your tablet or ipad as a calling and texting device.

6. iCall

This website uses VoIP (Voice over IP) that allows a person’s existing internet such as DSL, cable, Wi-Fi, etc. and his/her computer to plug directly to a telephone network. Two ways one easily utilizes this free calling service; either download their software on a PC or simply visit their website, which allows an individual to call directly from its browser.

Furthermore, it is supported in the iPad and iPhone. However, people using this service can make calls in Canada and USA only when calling from a browser and each call will have a duration of just 5 minutes.

7. Flash2Voip

This website allows people to make free calls to over 30 different countries when one opens this website from a browser. What makes this website quite efficient is that there is no need for downloading or installing anything. All a person requires is to fill some details on the registration form available on their website and then just submit it. Once it is done, all are eligible for free calling.

8. PopTox


This is a website that offers free VoIP call to anyone using the internet. One can gain access to this site using any standard browser. What makes people attracted to this is its no download or no plug-ins requirement option. Also, to sweeten the pot there is absolutely no payment is involved in this no matter where in this world you call.

All one needs is to log onto this website from a computer or Smartphone and enter the destination number; be it a mobile or landline.

As International calls cost too much that’s why PopTox offers only some free calls per day. After that you may subscribe premium packages using credit card/debit card/PayPal/Bitcoin etc. They offer money back guarantee if you don’t satisfied with their services. 

9. Call2Friends

This is another free calling website where to make calls all a person requires is to simply dial the number after entering this website. Similar to PopTox, here too one doesn’t require downloading anything or use plug-ins. Also, iOS and Android users both can use this website to call anyone they need. You have an extra facility here to record an outgoing call.

10. VoIP Buster

This is another program which uses the latest tech for offering top-notch and free voice communication to its users globally. When using this free software, people become eligible to make free phone calls regularly to various destinations. However, depending on destination, they can charge a very low rate, which they will let one know before the call is placed. Also, only 3 calls can be made per day.

11. Adphone

If any person is looking to call on landlines for free, then Adphone is the way to go. To use service of this organization, one will require signing up for an account along with downloading an application on one’s computer. This will allows a person to make calls to various landline phones for free every day. However, call time is limited to 30 minutes. 

12. Globfone

This is the last free calling website of this list. This website lets a person make audio calls for free through browsers that create a connection between a computer and phone. A person who gets a call receives no number, and caller Id is shown as unknown. What’s best about this is that there is no download or installation required.

Hopefully, this list will be of some value to you and help you in saving money that you generally have to spend on making phone calls. Simply choose the one which fulfills your requirement and start making your free calls today!