The eCommerce technology in the 21 century is changing really fast. People want different things and they want them RIGHT NOW! As eCommerce became available on the market, life became so much easier for both online retailers and shoppers.

As business people, there are so many trends that we must follow in order to make our businesses successful. We should also try to keep our businesses safe from the competition such as those posed by eCommerce trends in website design and website development in order to provide to our users an amazing shopping experience.

Trends In E-commerce Website Development For 2018

As a website owner, there are a lot of things you can do in order to keep your website’s visitors on your site for much longer. To make your website more visited as well as be able to hold the interest of your users, web design might come in really handy.

There are a lot of trends that are in circulation in 2018 and are really helpful to those who use eCommerce websites. Here is a short overview of the most important components that will help you in holding and attracting new users on your site.

1. Material Designs

Minimalism is among the top five trends currently, whether it comes to fashion or technology. Have you noticed that eCommerce websites are changing their website’s design into something simple and at the same time adding specific animations and components that are going to hold the user’s attention for a very long time? Well, that is the main idea of this trend.

The goal is to make it easier to use and to allow more user-friendly browsing experience to each user. This design of a website has a lot of components in common with the flat design, but they are different in the integral parts as well as depth, and shadows that the material design has.

2. Layout Cards

Using marketing experts in developing your eCommerce website can be very helpful. They design cards like layouts to advertise a new product, a new collection or maybe to inform the website’s users about a big sale or promotion.

Made of different components like text, image, and a few buttons, these types of cards made a very successful arrival as some of the most sought-after trends in eCommerce websites.

3. Call To Action

What people in the eCommerce love the most are the CTA buttons. This trend is included on every eCommerce website in a very strong contrast with the background color. This is made just to attract the attention of potential buyers.

The most popular CTA buttons consist of the words “Add to cart”, “Click here”, “Buy now” etc, made with very soothing colors that are attractive to the human eye.

4. Rich Animation

As we already mentioned at the beginning, providing a huge trend like rich animation to your website is the best thing you can do.

It can engage a lot of users on your website. All you have to do is to make an animation that will provide your users with a very realistic experience.

5. Hover Effects

This is a particularly very interesting trend in the website development. It allows your users to get information for a certain element without clicking on it.

You just hover the mouse over an image, and it will immediately show you information about the product. It is a very elegant design and each day it is becoming more and more important for eCommerce websites.

6. Pop-Ups

People are bored from ads that go on their TV screens, but they pay a lot of attention to those ads that pop up on different websites.

Although they may seem like a disruption, they are very effective and can help in generating more profit for the business.

7. White space

Putting too many strong colors on your website is a big mistake. That is why the trend in leaving white space on your website is very useful for the users. You can have the option to add more colors and make the layout and all the other elements shine perfectly on your website.

Phenomenal Marketing Plan For E-commerce

To maintain an eCommerce website and attract new customers is no mean fete in this business world. Marketing experts advice on the importance of keeping in track with the trends in order to survive on the market.

The phenomenal marketing plan for eCommerce follows a few steps:

•  Be Specific – Ask yourself the specific questions about your business. How many new customers do I want to attract in an X period of time? What I am going to offer? How am I going to offer the said service? Answering some of these questions will cause you to make a long-term commitment on the goals you wish for your business to achieve.

•  Invest In Resources – You must invest in resources in order to grow. There are multiple choices for software packages that will allow you to have access to information about your customers, track orders or to simplify the support history.

  Remove The Fear Of Dead Stock – There are always going to be some products on your website that you simply can’t sell with the same speed as the other products. There are different ways you can sell your products by coupon codes or sale events.

The Future For E-commerce

Have you ever thought about what the future holds for eCommerce? Let’s take a look at the trends that will occupy a big role for eCommerce in 2019.

Personalized experience – Almost 43% of online customers prefer companies that can personalize their experience and 48% spend more if their needs are personalized by the companies. These numbers are predicted to grow much more in 2019.

Multiple shopping channels – When making sales, do not limit yourself to only one channel. Almost 73% of the customers do their shopping on multiple channels. Retailers consider omnichannel as a top priority.

Customer service automation – It is expected that by the end of 2020, all the customer’s interaction will be handled without an agent. There are online questions for every customer, that ease the searching for a specific product based on the preferences of the customer.

Cryptocurrency as a payment method – A recent research proved that bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies will become a very popular payment method. It may increase your boost in new customers by 60%.


Living in the world of technology allows us to use the multiple options we have to make our business more successful. New ways of making sales such as eCommerce make our life easier in more ways than one.

The only thing we have to do as business people is to maintain our business by following the trends that each year appear in enormous numbers.