Preparing for a vacation can be a gruesome task. One of the frustrating things includes researching things and spending a lot of time on the internet trying to get your stay, places to visit, and planning the places you need to cover during your vacation.

You need to read a lot of articles to gather the information required to have a well-planned vacation. For instance, the airfare to Dubai is around $900. But now you don’t need to worry, the following points will help you to strategize for a perfect vacation in Dubai and find Dubai hotels that are budget-friendly:

Prerequisites for Traveling to Dubai

You will need to check whether you need a passport to travel to Dubai. If you have a US passport, you don’t need a visa to visit Abu Dhabi/Dubai, as it is a part of the UAE. Most airlines like Emirates have deals often with Dubai and also offer layovers in the city. Other airline brands such as Qatar and Etihad also fly to Dubai. 

Best Times to Visit

When planning the time to visit Dubai, you need to know about the weather and temperatures. The tourist season is usually from November to March in Dubai, but planning a vacation at these times might also be expensive and crowded. In the summer times of May to August, temperatures are high up to 105°F. Also, use travel websites to find Dubai hotels that are convenient and affordable.

Understand the Culture

Planning what to wear in Dubai might be stressful for people who wonder about the culture. Tourists have the full freedom of regular clothes in the city. 

When visiting the Grand Mosque situated in Abu Dhabi, you are expected to wear a traditional hijab. It is good to have a good understanding through online resources that tell you what to wear and what not to wear specifically to certain places in the city. 

Financing Your Trip

The currency in Dubai is Dirham/AED (Arab Emirate Dirham). If you include a stay at a luxury hotel on Dubai Marina or a stay at Burj Al Arab, it has a higher chance of turning out to be expensive than a vacation to the US. 

You can exchange currency on arrival. However, you might find some luck in the malls of Dubai. They offer a slightly better exchange compared to the airport. Most places accept only cards like Mastercard or Visa. 

Best Places to Stay

Dubai has no shortage of hotels, and it is filled with luxurious hotels. It is good to find Dubai hotels and plan your stay. You can also check rental sites online, which might offer you a good deal. The most central location to visit is around the Dubai Mall near the Burj Khalifa. 

An alternative place to look for a hotel is the other end of the city, near the Palm Jumeirah and Burj Al Arab. The strip of this beach has a lot of beach resorts surrounded by restaurants and shops. You may want to see the price and book a hotel preferably to one of these landmarks of the city. 

Wrapping Up

Keeping all these factors in mind, it is best to plan your Dubai vacation in advance. Choosing a comfortable time to stay in Dubai allows you to get the best experience of visiting the city.