Most people know the difference between a kids’ party and an adult’s celebration. A children’s party is a table laid with sweets, riddles, and fabulous contests, while an adult gathering is a traditional feast, karaoke or TV, and, at best, a few games. A kids’ shower is a bright holiday, which should not be boring for children or their parents. How to hold a children’s birthday party to please both kids and adults? Let’s find out!

Air Wish

You can just hang helium balloons around the room or scatter air-inflated balloons on the floor. Buy high-quality balloons on which don’t burst in the middle of the party. Inside each balloon, you can put a leaflet rolled up into a tube with a simple wish for adults and children (sing a song, tell a poem, jump like a frog, etc.).

Balloon Race

Blow up colored balloons and put them on the floor. The task is to roll a balloon by blowing it to the other end of the room as fast as you can. Guests get on their hands and knees and start blowing on command. The winner is the one who gets the balloon across the finish line the fastest. Both kids and their parents may take part in the competition making up a small family team.

Improvised Home Performance

Prepare theatrical stuff in advance and ask guests to create fancy costumes. Dress up, wear masks and wigs, paint each other with makeup and act out a fairy tale making up a scenario in the process of playing. Let it be something modern but based on well-known material, such as some Disney stories.

Puppet Theater

If you do not want to masquerade, you can create a hero with your own hands. The little ones will be happy to help you. In just an hour, your guests can enthusiastically cut out a scene from a shoebox, attach a curtain to it from an old bedsheet, tie strings to the children’s soft toys and make a fairy tale. You can stock up on some prizes for rewards: candy and small souvenirs for the children and their parents. After all, the main thing is not a prize, but participation and memories of a pleasant pastime.

Playing Mummy

If you think that winding each other up with toilet paper on speed is a silly idea that only preschoolers can enjoy — you’ve just never tried it with adults. Offer to play this activity and see that adults will excitedly do it at speed. The second stage is unfolding. At this stage, you have to be the first to “unwrap” your mummy without tearing the paper.

Get a Candy

They say most men are indifferent to sweets. They probably are, but when candies are in the jar. Hang sweets and small chocolates in the form of a garland under the ceiling and hang a sign on the wall that reads, “Get the candy off with your teeth only.” You’ll be wildly entertained by your serious men, who will all need to get at least one candy for some reason.

Great Artists

Prepare several sheets of poster paper, gouache, a set of brushes, and a couple of old sheets. Within an hour, your guests wrapped in togs in the ancient Roman manner will create a masterpiece. You can do it like a competition, forming a few teams. You can come up with several categories so that each team gets a prize and no one was offended.

An entertainment program for adults at a kids’ party should be interesting but not too intrusive. Some people are shy to participate in contests or are afraid of being insecure. Be attentive to all participants in the celebration, and if the person is exhausted — let them quietly enjoy the treats and have fun.